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Bianchi Commuter (update)

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Bianchi Classica/63cm/1982

Nitto Moustache/Nitto Technomics 120mm

Bianchi stock/Classic doublenut

Mavic MA3/105/Serfas Seca

Ritchey/Mavic OpenPro/Continental Gatorskin

Ultegra 170mm/Shimano splined

Brooks Swift

90's Shimano SPD

105 RD, 600 Tricolor FD.. Ultegra bar-end shifters

Tektro R538's + 90's era 105 levers

SRAM 12-26 cassette...Ultegra 53/39

This is an updated config from a tired of chain drops. Though it wasn't often, it was often enough. Also tired of breakin' myself up moderate hills where there was really no reason to be up out the saddle. Let's be civilized here.

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Great looking build.

I love what you done with the Handlebars (corkwrapped, shellacked and twined w/ Champagne cork plug)! I thought of a use for the Shimano 600 front shifter. You could use it to engage a bottom bracket mounted generator and gain a headlight and tail-light.

Oh WOW....using the

Oh WOW....using the downtubie for a generator toggle would be GENIUS. Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'm going to wrap my head around making that work!!


I love what you've done with

I love what you've done with this bicycle and I support you in keeping the old Shimano 600 down-tube shifter, very classy. I too was curious to see if your chain stays on without any sort of chain-keeper/watcher and from the sounds of the other commets, it looks like you've been lucky. Very cool.


Y'know, the chain has dropped on only a couple occasions. Both instances were cases of freewheel coasting at high speeds over a large bump. Had I been pedaling, surely the engagement of the chain would've kept 'er seated. But outside of those two rare instances, she's as solid as any standard road ride.

About a year and some change of chainstretch at this point, I'm going to take up the chain by another link or two just to tighten up the shifting and see if I can't lick even the minimal droppage experienced thus far.


love it all around! Those bars seem like a pretty unique find; I've never been able to find japanese bars in a practical width other than modern Nittos. Very classy!

You're running 8spd index I gather? How's it run? oh, and [email protected] 'useless, impotent appendage' note there.


Hey Thanks again!!

Yeah, man, those bars I got from a mechanic on a really nice early 90's Miyata 712 about six years ago. They're 44cm wide. Perfect proportion for a 6'4" rider.

The 8spd indexing runs perfectly! The chain would occasionally drop on really rough sections, so I pulled out a couple of links and got the chain nice and tight. Hasn't happened since.


very nice! Yeah I tried a pretty rudimentary friction 1x5 setup awhile back; I was frustrated by the chain droppage even with the shortest possible chain. I think it would behoove me to give it another shot with proper components. This is a great example on how to do it right for sure.

The key, I found with

The key, I found with setting this up was getting the chainline absolutely perfect in relation to the default or most frequently ridden cog. But it also helped that I started with brand new ring, cassette and chain so everything seated right


good words there.

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