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Le Tour Utility Commuter

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 63cm | cargo | fixed gear | schwinn
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Scwinn Le Tour/63cm

Nitto Monmartre bars/SR .833 quill stem

Rando high flange, Alexrims, 700x25

Formula high flange, Alexrims, 700x25


Modified/cut Brooks B17/Kalloy

Shimano Adamas platforms

Random Schwinn calipers, Tektro bar-end mount reverse levers

45-17/Salsa/Surly cog

Civia rear and Soma front poter's rack supporting custom vintage swiss army panniers.

Bars are Cinelli corktape wrapped, shellacked and twined. They are capped with handmade, tooled and finished
leather grips.

SKS chromoplastic fenders.

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Love what you have done

with this conversion! Here is my Schwinn World conversion to a Fixed Gear/Single speed commuter. My 1989 Schwinn World on VeloSpace. What technique did you use to outline and trim down your Brooks B17? How does it feel compared to a stock B17? You might want to get an Aardvark Saddle Cover to put over it in case you ride in the rain or wet roads and also to hide it when you have to leave the bike unattended.


Hi there!!

Well, as we all know, B17's are pretty bulky and heavy, not that for this bike weight is any kind of driving issue, but I don't necessarily WANT to ride a I really like the spare Swallow-type profile. I just went in with a sharpie and eyeballed the lines, got 'em pretty darn close to symmetrical and trimmed it up with utility shears.

It must also be said that I found this B17 in a used bin for with a stripped-out tensioning nut and it was pretty saggy and dried out. I actually steel wooled off the remains of the original surface and refinished it matte with plenty of proofide, mink oil and some tricky vice-gripping, I got 'er all retensioned, smooth and supple. To ME, it doesn't feel any different than a full-figured B17, but I'm also 6'4" and super skinny. I think if I had more 'thigh' I might prefer the full comfort profile of the original...but for me, it's perfect. Plus I always get mechanics asking what year my Swallow is from.

Ohhh, I almost

Ohhh, I almost forgot...after trimming up w/ the utility shears, BECAUSE I had refinished to a matte texture, I was able to go in and sand/steelwool any rough edges nice and smooth, and before any proofide or finishing, I did a deep chocolate brown stain, which I then proofided and sealed w/ mink oil. I wouldn't recommend doing this kind of thing to a slick newer Brooks on accounta you'll never reconcile the smooth with the matte

This is really nice. It's

This is really nice. It's pretty much exactly what I've been wanting to do for my next build. How's the overall quality of the soma rack? I was leaning towards the velo orange porteur rack, but I'm curious to see if the soma matches up in quality

Soma vs. Velo Orange

Honestly, they are very similar...The Velo Orange is slightly less versatile...the small differences being that the Soma has additional sub-platform saddlebag rails on either side and also comes with modular hardware options for axle-bolt or fender-eyelet mounting, which sounds small, but brings a whole different dimension of positioning options into play, should you want to the rack lower/higher/more forward/closer etc.

The one downside however with these types of brake centrebolt + fork mounted racks, as opposed cantilever post etc..are that heavy loads tend to sway a bit ESPECIALLY with a quill stem. By heavy I mean palettes of dogfood or cases of beer heavy. If you're going to be toting loads of bricks or bags of concrete, I'd opt for a little more beefy rack...but for light duty, these totally rule.

Yeah, well I have a cetma on

Yeah, well I have a cetma on another bike for those really heavy loads. Just looking for something classy for this next project. I had the same problem youre talking about with the minoura gamoh rack. Brake mounted racks aren't the sturdiest.


Well then, in the classy rack dept...this one's tops!

Nice bike indeed! Though I

Nice bike indeed! Though I would probably ride it geared too...

It's funny because seeing these canvas bags, I tought you were Swiss at first.

Nice City-cruiser

Nice bike Healthybounce. Why not set it up as a 1x9? (I imagine there is a bit of a difference between hauling weight/groceries and not with that gearing..?) I really dig the handlebar-setup and I think it'll be similar to what I run on my SM500-project. Thanks or sharin!


Thanks!! Actually, I've been leaning in the geared direction for this build. I have another 1x8 build that I set up last year that I love! And you are correct, when this guy gets loaded down, it's a total drag having it fixed. The actual progression started brakeless and one haul loaded down w/ six cans of dog food in each saddlebag was enough to convince me of the futility of the brakeless/fixed/platform-no-clips + cargo weight setup...taking that a step further, it's actually pretty silly not running a freehub here in Seattle


I love every little detail. except maybe for that scary QR seatpost clamp to a lovely brooks! But yeah, fucking awesome. I've been eyeing that Soma porteur rack for awhile, it looks up to the job of carrying copious amounts of beer. But those rear bags, man. How did you come across them?


Thanks!! I need to switch out the QR, I agree...that shaved Brooks'd be gone in a second if I ever left this guy locked up too long. The Soma rack is super solid and fairly malleable in terms of positioning. Center-of-gravitywise, I think I'm going to want to pull it a little closer to the headtube, but brake clearance is a bit of an issue. But yes, the Soma is also great in that it's a porteur rack that'll take panniers!

I actually made the rear bag setup myself...that is to say, I make them and have several sets. I use an old school J-hook mount and cam buckle tensioner, so they're super solid and mount/dismount in seconds.


thanks for the reply.

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