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aluminium 21" Moth

nitto, origin 8, 80mm

integrated steel fork and headset

novatec, deep-v, vittoria rubino

flip-flop fixed/fixed, novatec, deep-v, vittoria rubino

speedwheel, integrated BB

velo, uno ultralight

mks sylvan track


light, fast, sweet. i love this thing

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moth frame

i know that they are custom order in NYC, so i dont think so, but then again i heard they stopped making them anyways.

if anyone finds contact information, i would be interested.

oh, and i am keeping mine :] puttin on seguino 75s and drop bullhorns.

moth frame

i have two moth frames one is 19" and the other is 21" they both are black and red im asking 250 each

sammy 203-534-9761

is there a website you can

is there a website you can buy these on?


OH and yeah its a bitch and a half of a bike. i am actually pondering selling it for the fact that its too big for me and i am i dont want to see it stolen seen as i am moving to richmond for school in a month or two.

if i do, i have a thompson elite seatpost in it i would HAVE to give with it because its awkward size.

strange bike, but it rips.

moth frame

i ride a 55 Moth, the same gloss black.
i lot of people bash on the tube design and the logo.

look, its aluminum, its going to have funky tubes, and its going to be faster and lighter. and the logo? i think if you really love riding your bike you don't give a f%&* about the logo.

i love my bike. and it thrashes.

what size is your seat

what size is your seat clamp? for your moth

where can I find this bike?

I want to buy this bike where can i get one?


you can build your own all you need is a frame and fork
good news i have two frames \


And I thought my 48:14 was hard as fuck to push. I've gotten to about 35m mph on the 48:14. Ever done on a top speed run with the 13?

bike shop?

Hey, what bike shop did you get your bike set up at?


Where does one even find a Moth frame?


i'm building a moth right now. it's a bitch and a half. all the parts are damn near propriatery. it took me 3 weeks to track down an integrated headset with the right dimensions and it takes a 27.4 seat post. there are like two 27.4 seatposts that are manufactured. also, this guy just got the 700 dollar economy kit from bike works. nothin special. clearly dropped extra dime for the v's though.

New York

Of course! :)

Met the designer...

I visited N.Y. and met the guy who designed this frame. It's got a humorous explanation behind the name.

do explain?

do explain?

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