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Giant TCR Advanced 2012 season

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Giant TCR Advanced /M / 2012

Ritchey Classic 40cm / Giant 135mm -8 stem

Giant Carbon / Integrated

Neuvation 50mm carbon tubs / Conti Competition

Neuvation 50mm carbon tubs / Conti Competition

Force 172.5 Compact / Press fit GXP

Fizik Arione / Giant

Speedplay Zero Chromoly / Pc-1070

Force / Force

Ciamillo Negative G's / Force

Wick werks 34-44 / Pg1070 12-25

Weight 15.7 as pictured
The race rig. Stiff as hell but still comfortable. I'm thinking about selling the carbon race wheels and building some reflexes to 105's for race days and putting the rest towards a power meter. New pic's soon when I build it back up for this year.

The 1st and 3rd shot are from when i was in belgium last summer. 3rd is climbing the koppenberg

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What size is your ics pack?

What size is your ics pack? I just ordered a medium and i'm wondering what fits in it.

I carry

2 tubes (60mm valves)
2 16g co2's
Pair of pedros levers
Patch kit
small co2 inflator

And i think i could still fit a small multitool but its packed pretty tight

Cool looks i'll have a

Cool looks i'll have a little space to spare since I don't plan on packing as much, thanks.

almost bought a giant advanced

earlier this summer, but then i didn't. How's bike racing treating you?


they're pretty sweet, i like it a lot
Pretty good season this year, moved up to a 4 and did a lot of fun races. i'll PM ya at some point

The new picture makes me

The new picture makes me miss Germany (which looks very similar where I grew up to the landscape in your photo). I really hate riding in and around NYC. I'm more of a country bro.

How much would you be

How much would you be looking to sell this (frame + fork?) when the time comes? Otherwise, I've said it before, if I had the resources to buy a carbon wundermachine I would get a TCR Advanced. Very nice build, mister!


thanks i love this bike (hence the reason i will be getting another)
when i sell this fall i will probably be listing for around 1200 for frame, fork (uncut steerer) headset, seatpost and giant OD2 100mm stem. It has been taken care of very well, cleaned weekly with no scratches. never been crashed or laid down.


Just saw this. Thanks for

Just saw this. Thanks for the info and the offer, but I too would probably need to go the M/L route as well. I'm definitely in the market for a carbon frame, though.


Sounds good. I hope you get yourself one they're great.

This bike looks classy as

This bike looks classy as hell in action. Big fan of these giants

Very nice build! I've always

Very nice build! I've always wanted a TCR. Are juniors required to run a smaller gearing?


yeah juniors in the US are restricted to about 98 gear inches. the most common setups are 53x15 52x14 and 45x12 which i like best because i can use neutral support wheels.

So jealous! Want your bike

So jealous! Want your bike
How do you like the Neuvation 50mm carbon rims?


I love this bike too. The neuvations are nice for the money ( i paid 500 used) but my rear hub has developed a bit of play. I replaced all the bearings and its still there so it must be the hub.


cut down your steerer.....??

cut down your steerer.....?? ;)

i'm gettin to it

like you i'm still dialing in fit. i'm now on a -8 135mm stem.

just curious

why the change from 50-34 to 45-34?

junior gearing

most juniors run a 52-39 with a 14-25 but i want to have the option to use neutral support wheels which won't have a junior cassette and a 45x12 gives me the same gear inches

I'm jealous...

I'm jealous...

:) can't wait to

:) can't wait to race!

Hope you do well when you

Hope you do well when you race! Could you tell us how you like the force? After you put some miles on it.


i have it on my cross bike. i like it a lot. the rear shifting is super crisp and the doubletap is awesome. as is the general consenus with sram front shifting is not quite up to par but not bad. BUT its not worth it for the money. either go with red or rival, the upgrades from rival don't justify the price increase. and red is tooo expensive for me. i only did force because of the brakes and cranks the cross setup came with and this becausee it's stock

also the hood shape is good but the hoods are sorta hard


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