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PopCycle BeachRacer

Bike tags: Mountain bike | eXotic | nuvinci | Ti
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PopCycle Beachracer Ti 29'er

eXotic Carbon and XLC TT bars

eXotic 29'er rigid carbon fork in CK

WTB Dual Duty FR laced to DT Swiss 350 hub and Schwalbe Super Moto rubber

WTB Dual Duty FR laced to NuVinci hub and Schwalbe Super Moto rubber 29x2.35

Truvativ Stylo 1.1

Charge Spoon on a Exotic Matrix II post

Crank Brothers Egg Beaters 1, KMC Z610HX

Nuvinci 360

KCNC VB-1 rear only


I guess one of the only fully purpose designed & built beachracing machines. Tested during Egmond-Pier-Egmond beach race; fantastic!

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this sounds


Beach racing

Aside from the obvious, what is beach racing?

I will give it try. As you

I will give it try. As you already mentioned, it is mostly the obvious. It is not mountainbiking, roadracing nor cyclocross, but you will find people of all disciplines participating. Last race, Egmond pier Egmond was 36 kilomters; 18 kilometers south over the beach and back. There are also races over 100 kilometers. It has a small loop over the dunes, down some stairs, parking lot and back, increasing the difficulty with choosing tire pressure. One way is often a fight against the wind. This year was not too bad with 6-7 Bft coming from the side, but last year was 9 bft head-on with rain!
As I said, big wide tires without profile are preferred and a low tire pressure of around 1-1.5 bar (as low as you dare..). Tire profile will disturb the sand structure and make you sink causing drag. "Reading" the beach sand is also important as the structure changes all the time, causing softer and harder areas.
So it is mostly long stretches heavy riding (wind, soft sand) and strategy is important (were to ride) including group riding. It is really fun!
Most people use old MTB's with a rigid fork and v-brakes. The sand and salt are of course causing pretty harsh environments for the bike.

This sounds so fun to do!

This sounds so fun to do!

why just a rear brake?

why just a rear brake?

One brake is certainly

One brake is certainly enough and a front brake has the disadvantage when engaged it will push the front wheel in the soft sand possibly causing an abrupt stop.
V-brakes are preferred over disc brakes as the water will suck the brake pads against the discs causing drag and wear.

dont know to much about

dont know to much about beachracing, kinda should since living 1 minute from scheveningen. is there any reason for picking a Nuvinci 360 over a rohloff? the nuvinci seems really heavy.

Don't worry, I think it is

Don't worry, I think it is becoming more and more popular, although it is mainly the Benelux that is interested. There is not a major difference between the Rohloff and the NuVinci, in the sense they are both internal gearing hubs that weigh a bit more and have a small efficiency penalty in comparison to conventional derailleur systems. The Rohloff has a wider ratio range and is about 600 grams lighter. The NuVinci is maintenance free and is of course step less (CPT). I really like the simplicity of the NuVinci, but I guess that is a subjective opinion.


I've never been much into MTB looking bikes, but this is a darn sweet machine! Clever dropouts for chain tension, though I don't see the benefit of those Vs track fork ends. Anyway, nice detail!
What's the clip thingie next to the cog on the fourth picture?

Thanks! The clip thingie is

Thanks! The clip thingie is the cable attachment for the shifting mechanism. It is detachable to release the shifting cables when removing the wheel. Can you tell me what you mean with the track fork ends?

Track for ends

Oh, I didn't even realize that it's a internally geared hub. Even better!
According to the mighty Sheldon in the middle of that page here (check under the Vertical Dropouts section) a track fork end is the proper name for a track dropout.
I really appreciate the details of the chain tensioning system of your dropouts. That looks gorgeous! But I was just wondering whether track ends wouldn't technically work as well.

We did actually consider

We did actually consider those as well, but as Veggie already rightly commented, this way we can change the dropout to one with a derailleur eye. In addition we also have a dropout for disc brake attachment, making it very versatile.

Sliding dropouts are

Sliding dropouts are replaceable, making it possible to switch to dropouts with a derailleur hanger.

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