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GT Edge Titanium - La Bala Plateada

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GT Edge Titanium (Custom?)/ 57cm (60 c-t-t x 57 c-t-c) / 1994-1998 (?)

3TTT Competizione Merckx Bend 38cm (ctc) / 3TTT Record AR 110mm

1″ True Temper Steel (Yamaguchi era?) / Campagnolo C-Record Chorus 1994

Campagnolo Chorus 1994 (?) / Mavic Open SUP / Continental Ultra Sport 23c

Campagnolo Chorus 1994 (?) / Mavic Open SUP / Continental Ultra Sport 23c

Campagnolo Chorus 1994 / Campagnolo Chorus 1994

Fizik Antares 00 (stolen from my GTB) / Campagnolo Chorus 1994

Shimano Ultegra PD-6620 / Sram PC 850

Campagnolo Chorus 1994 (?) / Chorus & Chorus

Campagnolo (1994) / Campagnolo Chorus 1994 (?)

53x39 & 13-26 (8-speed)

UPDATE: So I had a long conversation with the head mechanic at Arrow Bicycle in Hyattsville, MD who gave me his input on this bike. First off, my whole labeling of C-Record chorus was off. Chorus was not used sinominously with C-Record, ever. It's just straight up chorus. He also apparently worked at Proteus Bike Shop in College Park, MD, where Yamaguchi first worked when he came to the states because they built custom frames at the time (the mechanic apparently was involved in brazing/whatever at one point). He told me Yamaguchi made no frames for GT (ever), so the only explanation of Yamaguchi being involved would have been as a semi-custom frame with GT decals thrown on it. Maybe that is the case here? I never got a response from Yamaguchi.

The frame has become quite a mystery. All GT Edge and Forte ti frames I have come across have the top tube protruding from the seat tube (as with most of GTs triple triangle frames), and an engraved GT logo, neither of which this frame has. And I still have yet to find a serial number. Was told that this is likely a non-production model, similar to the frames ridden by US pro riders at the time. Most likely built between 1994-1998.

Based on Eaglerock and ColumbusSLX's observations, the components are mostly Chorus (1994). Still unsure of the hubs and brake levers/shifters, but I imagine everything is consistently from the early 90s. Also, Jesse C commented that the fork could be Yamaguchi era true temper...

My first road bike. Got it for a fantastic deal from a fantastic guy. Will cherish this bike forever, and forever be true to Campagnolo and not giving this up for a Moots. I know nothing about crabon bikes, or steel road bikes. But I will ignorantly be a Ti supporter for the rest of my cycling days.

Had planned to go threadless with a more modern stem and seatpost, but thanks to eaglerock and ColumbusSLX, I now have a strong appreciation for Campagnolo, as absurd as their components system is chronologically. Had thought of swapping out the fork, but want to keep it original for now, but in a few years when I get into competitive cycling, will upgrade to threadless setup and a wound up fork.

Saving up for another antares 00. For the time being, I took the antares off my GTB since I havent been riding it for quite some time.

"build" thread:

It's not a Billato Marin, Peter, but I dont think either one of us can complain.

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Wouldnt touch it

Leave it like it is perfect just the way it is .Especially if it is Olympic bike would ruin its historic significance.

Thanks. I am definitely

Thanks. I am definitely keeping the fork, but thinking of upgrading the group to a modern athena through, probably keeping the cranks and FD. I know it would be breaking with history but this is going to be my only weekend bike for at least 10 years, and the chorus group had been giving me some problems...we will see

GT edge ti

Maybe your fork is from an US Olympic team bike from1996 - check out this picture

Yeah, someone else had

Yeah, someone else had suggested that earlier. I still have no idea what year this bike was made because I never found a serial number. But this would seem to be the same true temper fork used on the 1996 olympic framesets


with the fork I'm quite sure. In my lbs there is a picture of an us olympic road GT with the same design. Maybe -as you wrote before- your bike could be a prototype or professional bike. I guess the frame as the fork were not available on the market so it comes probably from the US national cycling team in '96 or a bit later?

That would be awesome if it

That would be awesome if it were the case, I just cant find any evidence of this online, and I just havent come across the right shop with that knowledge. I never took the bike apart to inspect the frame 100% for a serial number, but plan on doing so once I take it out of storage. Until then it is a mystery!

I wrote to a few people (including yamaguchi, because of the fork and a suggestion by Indians who went to his school) but no luck. If you have any suggestions that would be awesome


This is really spectacular!

Thanks mang. Unfortunately

Thanks mang. Unfortunately it is in storage and I havent been able to ride it for a year, but I miss it dearly. Such a one of a kind bike

gimme dis

gimme dis

Hahahaha. I told you I would

Hahahaha. I told you I would have let you borrow it while I am in Mexico, rather than having it sit in storage. BUT YOU WERE TOO LATE

Ok ok ok. I've decided this

Ok ok ok. I've decided this bike needs a Wound Up fork and my Record 10 group on it, like, now. Ahh so much bike envy!!

Ps how's Mexico City

Ps how's Mexico City treating you. Become a Marijuana Baron yet?

Hahahaha. That would be

Hahahaha. That would be blasphemy! The only way I would go wound up or threadless on this is if I put a modern group on it. Put since I am saving up for a custom ti road bike, there is no point in upgrading something that, as it stands, is a piece of history! Once I get back to the jew essay I am going to clean and maintain these componets a lot better. I know you said you would have taken care of it for me...would have made me happier than to know it is stuffed in storage.

Mexico city could be better. Food is good, but I am overworked and have had no time to ride. On top of that, I work from home so it is not like I can enjoy the 30 minutes on a bike commuting every day that I did in DC. Ask my wife, my happiness here is 90% dependent on how much I ride my bike...

I dont have an in with the narcos yet. Thankfully, they keep the drama outside of the are the 10th person who has asked me that kind of question in the last month...

such an amazing velocipede!

such an amazing velocipede! would look sick with ControlTech Ti seatpost and stem!

Thanks, quixoticle. I might

Thanks, quixoticle. I might go threadless when I come back from Mexico. But my truly absurd plan is to save up for a moots vamoots rsl. But I had not heard of control tech's ti stuff and it looks pretty classy

Well, when you receive your

Well, when you receive your Moots in the distant future, it will be absolutely imperative that you box up this here Edge and send it to me for safe keeping, because two Ti road bikes in one stable sounds like a HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE SITUATION. (Cue lame joke drum riff): budum tissssh.

I have that same 3TTT stem!

I have that same 3TTT stem! Does it ever get stuck in your headtube? It sure does for me. Then I have to bring out the hammer and give the bolt a good whack. The new bar/stem combo is lookin' good!

Stems with expansion bolts

Stems with expansion bolts tend to do that

My 3TTT is different though,

My 3TTT is different though, you had to give a really good whack with the hammmer before it would come loose. My Specialized and two Cinelli quill stems with expander bolts never required being hit with hammer as hard as the 3TTT.

I havent actually messed

I havent actually messed around with it much since I put it in, but I am still learning how much to tighten and how to actually release threaded stems. I have already screwed that up a few times...these are good looking stems though! Thanks!

I'm glad the syncros is

I'm glad the syncros is going

Me too. It was fuchi

Me too. It was fuchi mamaguchi. I think Mark wanted it, but I havent seen him in jears

He ded. He is going to be in

He ded.

He is going to be in for quite a shock when he comes back and greg no longer runs the site

A threadless set up with a

A threadless set up with a wound up would put this bike over the top. It's very sweet none the less.

Cables and Stuff

Hey Mancha, nice bike. It's been fun watching you make these decisions through the build thread, etc.. One question: Why do you arrange the rear-derailleur cable-housing under the front brake? (Is it to protect the headtube?); a nice ti-stem would look/function sweet/ly but they can be hard to come by in shorter sizes and $$$ (I know, why invest in Ti if you are eventually going threadless...). I have two suggestions, purely aesthetic: I think yellow cable-housing would look awesome (maybe retro-ee but it would set the logo off nicely), and silver bottle cages to match the rest of the silver. So yeah, other than my stupid gripes, awesome rare GT and I'm sure it will take what ever performance-upgrades (fork et al) in the future happily! Thanks for sharing your journey and continuing adventure

Thanks jburnha! As horrible

Thanks jburnha! As horrible as this sounds, I just noticed that little detail. I picked the bike up complete, so it would have been something the previous owner/his mechanic did. I am not sure of the logic, but I was able to move the cable over the brake and then back under it again, and noticed that it rubbed against the exposed part of the brake cable, so maybe this is why it was done? The cable is a little longer/looser than the front derailleur, so I am not sure what came first (it was too long to begin with, or it was stretched out for some reason). It looks kind of unnatural, but it did not cause any problems when I have ridden it, and I am hoping it wont...

As for changes to the build: I am not going to go threadless for a while, because it would require quite an investment in money. I will probably get to that in the next 2-3 years. I have been creeping around ebay to pick up a cinelli grammo or some other ti stem, but I have been hesitant because I am not sure what length is most appropriate between 110-120mm. On top of that, getting a new stem would of course mean taking apart the handlebars, which leads to another change I would like to make (swap out the bars for some round ones). So I am just opening up to a world of financial pain with any kind of purchase.

But on the cable housing, I will keep that in mind when I get this thing tuned up down the road. Definitely need to change the bottle cages, and agree silver would look great!

Holy crap this thing is

Holy crap this thing is awesome!! That fork is so badass! Just nitpicking, but I think you can do better than that stem. And where the hell did you get that fork?? I'm so jelly!

Thanks! I picked the bike up

Thanks! I picked the bike up with all the parts you see on it, so the fork is just as much a mystery as the frame. As for the stem, definitely agree with you, but putting off switching for now because want to get new bars as well. Its too long for me anyway, so soon enough the bike will have something more appropriate

Similar progression

in bikes, and great taste!! Chorus is excellent! Need to find my bargain Merlin or Merckx team(although I'd settle with a Landshark too..). Or a Look :)
This one

Damn, that Look is

Damn, that Look is beautiful. It was either a klein exactly like yours or this. The price was right for both of us im sure!


What a lucky find. Looks like you got a Yamaguchi GT fork. I don't really know for sure, but my favorite mechanic rides a GT from when Yamaguchi was working with GT and the frame and fork have that exact same USA fuck yeah! paint scheme.

Very lucky for sure. I am

Very lucky for sure. I am just happy I held out for it (originally it was way to expensive for my blood)! I had not thought about the fork being Yamaguchi, but its good to know. I am eventually going to swap it out for a wound up, but maybe I should steer clear from blasting and clearcoating it. Would be a cool thing to hold on to, if that in fact is the case. Thanks!

Straight up werewolf

Straight up werewolf killer!

The fork looks less out of place in this picture.

My wife said I should call

My wife said I should call it the matalobos, which would have probably been better still. But I have already set this name in stone, so no turning back

You come up with the best

You come up with the best names for your bikes...

Mexicanooooo hasta la madre

Mexicanooooo hasta la madre weeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! Thanks!

Por vida cabrones! Haha no

Por vida cabrones! Haha no prob.

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