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Electron Argon 18 (Custom Paint)

Deda Elementi.

Argon18 (carbon), FSA.



Record Pista.

Argon seat, Record Pista post.

Izumi Chain, MKS Custom Nuevo Pedals.

Surly 48X17.

Bike decals are drawings by Kid Koala from his album comic books. The characters name is Skid. He was nice enough to redraw it for me. The bikes paint is a white pearl (almost a mayonaise color) like on a white Cadillac Escalade. I like that color.

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Nice ride

What size are those bars? I have those in a 40cm and am trying to find them in a 39 or 38.

Your bike

is hella seXXXy. but i'm sure you already know it :)


Awesome ride. How do you like riding with both aerospokes?
Do you find them heavy?

fork crown clearance?

on my electron, i cannot run 700x23 because the tire rubs on the underside of the fork crown. do you run tubs or clinchers? what size?the argon rep says a 700x20 will work, but i have my doubts. so i mount the axle lower in the dropouts.

I run 700x20 with no probs.

I run 700x20 with no probs. Sorry the reply took so long.

nationwide aerospoke shortage

don't you feel selfish knowing there's a nationwide shortage on aerospokes? donate them to a needy bike today

I love it! Are you scared to

I love it! Are you scared to ride it? Zoo sticks are a nice touch.

hot and clean!

must be pretty damn stiff and responsive!

small or medium?

is this a small or medium argon frame? looks small. just curious. nice color.... thee egg nog look

Nice ride!

You wanna sell it?

Your bike

is all over the internet right now. gettin Sluuuuty

it's dope

that is orgasmic! The

that is orgasmic! The Electron is soo damn sexy!!!

nice choice!!

I was thinking of grabing that frame.
but went with old faithful the concept.
how you like?

the bike looks HOT my man nice job.

your bike

is sick as fuuuuuuuuuuughk!!


sweet ride, great name...

lose the lame zoo york

lose the lame zoo york stickers. Theyre owned by marc ecco , they were cool when they were actually a skate company, now your a joke if your seen with the stuff. Did you get them from zumiez?

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