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Colnago Carbitubo

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Colnago Carbitubo/ 52cm/ 1991


Colnago/ Campagnolo with Colnago engraving

Mavic Kysrium

Mavic Kysrium

Campagnolo Record/ Campagnolo Record

Fizik/ Campagnolo Record

Speedplay/ KMC

Campagnolo Mirage/ Campagnolo Mirage

Campagnolo Record Delta/ Campagnolo Mirage

53/ 39 - 11-25


Colnago Carbitubo made in cooperation with Ferrari

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Hi do you have this for

Hi do you have this for sale?



How much does this thing weigh just out of interest? Were carbon tubes from this era similar to steel in weight?


Yeah 20lbs just a tad lighter than my steel Colnago Master at 22lbs, great ride quality though, dare I say better than steel!
They got the balance just right with this frame Tony Rominger always said this was his favourite frame, he even hung onto his when his Team changed sponsors/ bikes.


My 61cm Colnago Elegant comes in at 21lbs. You even have the same wheels. Do deltas really weigh that much more?


I haven't weighed the Deltas on their own but when you hold them in your hand they do feel pretty weighty, I've got some Zero Gravity & Negative Gravity calipers on 2 other bikes and they weigh nothing in comparison.

The aesthetic makes the Delta's worthy regardless of weight-weeniusm though.

Also when set up correctly they are pretty good stoppers (contrary to what a lot of people have written) I must admit though that these are circa 1991 which I believe had a much improved parallelogram design from the original incarnation.


Record Deltas weigh 239g (f) and 237g (r), which is rather beefy compared to the Chorus monoplanars (186g and 185g), or even anything modern like Record skeleton brakes (152g and 129g). I reserve the Deltas for vintage TT bikes, since they're more about aerodynamics than weight. My Basso TT, which actually kinda flies, sports Deltas and Shamals and weighs about 22.5 pounds.


I'd rather lose a couple of pounds of belly fat and run C-record:)



I don't blame him



Double downtube and delta's? whoaaaaaaa

Double Downtubes & Delta's

Yeah it's getting a bit old now (22 Years) so only use it on sunny days aprrox 40miles average on an evening but when I hit a rough bit of road I try not to think about the lugs becoming unglued, probably kid myself that if they did it would be one down tube at a time so at least that might prevent a catastrophic incident?
:-) Whoaaaaaaa

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