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1981 Paletti Classic

Bike tags: Road bike | Columbus SL | lugged Campagnolo Nuovo Record. 53 cm | PMP Cranks
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Paletti Classic/53cm/1981


Paletti / Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Campagnolo Record / Mavic / Clincher (700c)

Campagnolo Record / Mavic / Clincher (700c)

PMP / Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Sellia Itallia Flite / Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Leggera/ Regina Oro drilled

Campagnolo Nuovo Record (1981)

Campagnolo Super Record (1981)

52/42 - six speed 13-21

Rare PMP cranks were designed to "eliminate the dead spot" in pedaling. The original PMP design, above, was released in 1981 and used by the Polish Olympic team (The cranks had no advantage over the traditional straight cranks.) Just a cool oddity in cycling history.

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Love Paletti

I have a Paletti I'm trying to get over here for my wife. Working out the details. Yours is very nice, indeed. Always loved this make. The one I'm trying to secure is a later 70s. You dont see them too often. Of course, your beast has some uber rare details, indeed.


I raced the Paletti's in the early 80's they were great rides and way under appreciated frames. Good luck finding a 70's frame.


Nice. I have seen that laurel world champion sticker on Mosers and De Rosas, usually with the name Eddy Merckx written inside. Do you know the history behind this?


The World Championship and Laurel was originally for the prestige and was dated (if you look you will see dates with the names), several riders received this, but by the time this bike was produced the prestige award seems to have passed away. This is just a world championship laurel to show his pedirgee and appeared on several generations of bikes. Paletti did have a number of world champions ridding his bikes especially in cyclocross.

Thanks for this information,

Thanks for this information, that is very interesting. I have an '87 De Rosa, the dates on my decal are 1973, 1974 and 1975 but Merckx won the gold in the years 1967, 1971 and 1974. I wonder if the dates on mine are just years that the winner of the gold medal was riding a De Rosa?


The dates are actually the year he was awarded the prestige, (kinda like a world's best award)
My DeRosa has the same dates you mentioned, the Moser has (I think 1978 or 76). 1973, 74, and 75 were the years Eddy was at his peak winning many of the classics and grand tour races, hence the awards, these are also the years he road the DeRosa frames.


Very pretty bike, you have good taste! Interesting cranks... and I love that bar wrap. Well photographed, too!


The leather wrap was time consuming, but in the end worth the effort.


Haven't seen many Paletti bikes. This is one of the best i've seen..
Wondering why you went with Nuovo on the rear instead of Super Rec?


The bike originally came equipped with the Nuovo Record, the Paletti Super Prestige, was Columbus SLX and Super Record. Paletti's top of the line bike. (You could by these frame only and build them up, but I went with the catalog spec. except PMP Cranks.


This thing is great! But your front tire isn't aligned to the valve hole like the rear... :'(... just kidding.
Can we expect more bikes?


I am always at work on another bike, I have a 1960 Cinelli Super Corsa in the works waiting for a part back from chroming and recently started a 1960s Fiorelli/Coppi Campionissimo. but that will take time to get the parts and remake the decals.


Sounds great can't wait!

'designed', perhaps...

...but science begs to differ. Still, this beast is HOT!

PMP Cranks

I agree, this was an experiment that was not long lived about 6-9 years. Many who rode them exclaimed their value much like the current crop of Rotor and like chain rings. They are different to ride, and I am not high enough in the rider level to benefit form anything they might offer. But they are rare and kinda oddly cool history.


dude, your crank is bent


But only 90 degrees or so.....

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