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Houndstooth Mercier Kilo OS, Rando-Porteur Machine

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Mercier Kilo OS 56cm-reynolds 520

Alps Industrial Company LTD Road Champion bars, salsa Quill stem 100mm

Stock fork/Velo Orange roller bearing headset

vo pbp rim 36 hole laced to novatec generator hub, Resist Nomad tire 35 X 700c

velocity teak 32 hole laced to surly fixed free, Resist Nomad tire 35 X 700c

86 bcd SR apex 170 crank / Velo Orange Grand Cru bottom bracket

brooks b-17 honey, Shimano 600 aero seatpost

MKS Urban Platform Pedal/mks njs toeclips,Velo Orange Grand Cru straps, campy toes strap buttons/Shimano 9 speed hyperglide.

can creek scr-5 lever gum, tektro 365 caliper

47/40 double(stronglight chainrings), 17/19 surly dingle fixed cog,

features Arundel stainless bottle cage, honjo hammered 35mm fenders, Rivendell Sackville tan mudflaps, Simplex chainguard, Velo Orange constructeur rear rack, mountain minded rear panniers, Vintage TA Style Handlebar bag on Velo Orange front rack, with hand made bag support, B&M lumotec lyt generator light, B&M 4d lite plus taillight, Zefal Hpx 2 frame pump, Velo Orange wing nuts, and locking skewer. Features a high gear of 74.6 Gear Inches, a mid gear of 66.8, and a low gear of 56.8 fixed.

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Do you know who made the handlebar bag? I've heard that Lafuma (a French outdoor gear company) made the TAs, and I know that Solonge made the bags that eventually turned into Berthoud. Gilles Berthoud was a Solonge employee who bought all the designs and inventory when the original company shut down. I thought it might be an Ostrich, but it looks like the flap opens up from the handlebar side.


ATB Dude, the OS is my favorite Mercier frame,and one of the coolest frames overall.I've always wanted to build one myself.Great job.

yeah, I love it.

Thanks dude, it's such a dream to ride ya'know? a do-all everything bike.

so much i love about this

such a complicated fg, how do you like the dingle?

Surly Dingle cog

The Dingle cog, is awesome. the way i have it set up, i can change gears on the fly, (velo orange wingnuts) with a gear inch range from 74 to 53.5 fixed. 6 unique fixed gears total, plus three on the freewheel side, which i hardly use, but like to have around. whats not to like? it can handle fast rides, and heavily loaded hauling. its my do all and everything bike.


really? no chainline issues, i was thinking of getting one for my crosscheck. i just switched from a 46 ring to a 39 (for the snow)
but it would be cool to have options.

not really,

you need to use a 9 speed chain with it anyhow, so you have more wiggle room as far as chainline goes. i actually have a spacer behind the cog to space it out a little more, which pretty much puts the rear cogs smack in the gaps between the triple crankset, which works out great, it also helps to double shift both cog and chainring to keep things straighter. i would advise pairing the dingle cog with a double crankset at the least, so that you can take advantage of the full potential. if you were to say get the 17/21 version, and pair it with a 46/42 double, you'd have a range from 72 gear inches to 53.

thats just what i was

thats just what i was looking for,
thanks for the info

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