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Colnago Master Team Buckler

Bike tags: Road bike
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found this yesterday
Team Buckler Master
Full Suntour Superbe pro
I have to get the rust spots off forks and chain stays,
but the actual paintwork is immaculate

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the bike was owned by a a

the bike was owned by a a buckler team mechanic, the guy I got it off said he's wife rode no more than 500km

I have an ESA Mexico also in buckler team colors that was raced I believe
I've just put the tubes on, will post updated pics soon

Great !

Nice one ! ... The Buckler team bike was my absolute dreambike during the period. Are there better pics in sight ? I think they also had them with all-white handlebar-tape. Any info on the rider ? - in case this has been an original team bike - BTW, of course, I don't care if replica, or not. Cheers !


This bike was ridden to many pro victories by Eric Vanderran (Sorry about spelling). Very nice ride. Running clinchers would not do it justice so rock the tubbies. Consider using stan's in the tube. I know guys that love running them that way.


You will love the ride quality of Tubulars. The two brands that I have found make great quality are Veloflex Carbon and Continental. They hold air better and don't flat puncture easily. Don't skimp on the the quality or go for the lightest vs reliability. You should buy a extra tire and roll it up behind your seat for long rides. Just my opinion...

Looks like a

Looks like a beauty.


Any chance for a link to more detailed shots?

sure-I admit and jumped the

sure-I admit I jumped the gun posting those shots
will do in better light
it has tubular rims-my first which I'm nervous about riding on )

You shouldn't be nervous

You shouldn't be nervous about tubulars. Actually, there's good chance you might even love it. Take the time to learn how to install tubulars correctly, spend the dough on decent ones and ride away. Your bike is a beauty! It deserves good tubulars, if only for the joy of riding something that is new to you.

words of wisdom,

words of wisdom, thanks

There is quite a lot of build up residue on the
rim / tube contact surface
...presumably I will need to clear/clean that before I attach tubes?
any brand of tubes you'd recommend?

Also got to find suntour or type lever hoods
these have perished(
I was thinking of changing the bar tape to yellow,
but I think now it would be rude/sacrilegious to change )

Any luck on the brake

Any luck on the brake hoods?
I have the exact same bike, except it's a team superconfex, so probably one year older.
My brake hoods seem to be in even worse shape than yours, so if you found some new ones i'd be glad to know where you found them.

Great machine.

If you want to clean off the old glue,jut use whitspitfire. As to tubs,well not many brands to choose from these days but Veloflex offer some gret choices ,even as light as 145grams.

Merry Xmas and happy cycling.



the residue is good leave some of it on and add more. i like continentals as far as tires go

ok,great thanks happy



happy Christmas all )

got tubes and suntour nos

got tubes and suntour nos pro pedals,

just needs cages

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