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cannondale track "mr. magic"

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52cm cannondale track powder coated

answer carbon risers/salsa s.u.l. stem (90x75)

vivalo special/sotto voce

h+son to chub/HED3

h+son 3cross to black phil (32)

sugino grand mighty, phil

carbon flite/thomson elite

spd/shimano oval

superstar 18t ...49x18

thank you, "MR. MAGIC"..i'm glad you're back. by the torelli is for sale. it just wasn't the same without the cannondale.

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that is totally rad!

that is totally rad!




So I was looking at another guys 52cm cannondale track and his had a downwards slope instead of a more pursuit slope. Does anyone know why that is?


Because his probably wasn't a 52cm frame, either he measured it wrong or it was measured center to top instead of center to center. The rearwards sloping started at the 50cm frames and down.

love and hate... looks

love and hate... looks amazing, but not sure how i feel about the color on principle alone


this is my dream bike, i want this exactly! where did you get you're frame? sell it?


ebay...courier in denver. ...i'm building a torelli right now so it's sort of in limbo. not sure yet...this baby means a hell of a lot to me.

I masturbate to these frames

I masturbate to these frames twice daily.

Why would you make a

Why would you make a cannondale look like a Pista Concept?

I was just gonna say that,

I was just gonna say that, why RUIN a cannondale track by painting it that color?


cause it was beat up when i got it...and the paint chip at the powdercoater didn't look like celeste. with it.

did you paint your front

did you paint your front aerospoke? i like the color. how did you do it? mines white and i wanna do it that same color

arrow spock

i called em up and said, "hey! i wanna wheel!...and i wanit black."
they said "sho."
they can do almost any color probably ..most people just dont take advantage of it.



Dee Ceeeeee

i was visiting washington on vacation in october of last year. i saw your bike parked outside the museum of modern art. i took a lot of pictures of it. it is pretty rad looking. where did you manage to find this frame in 52cm?


sorry..i hardly check this these days.
i got the frame off ebay from a courier in denver...he's on this site actually. his photo of this bike (when it was his) is still up...i think he calls it 93 cannonball (or something like that). his profile name is doom.

thanks for the kind words.


Cannondale Track

I love your bike. I actually just got the same frame and I'm waiting for it to get out of powder coating.


ah no! thats so sad! I'll

ah no! thats so sad! I'll never, never understand why people ever paint these beauties!

Magic's Wand

I love You Mr. Magic


reminds me of candy

this is radd!!

I love it.

I love it.

haha i agree.

haha i agree.and Im feelin the pigeon shit risers!

fucking epic saddle!

fucking epic saddle!

looks good.

i was worried it got hurt in shipping and i was gonna have to make it right. check out the bike i sold that to you to help buy.

my favorite cannondale track

my favorite cannondale track on here

how can this be your

how can this be your favorite cannondale track!?

im sorry dude, but painting over the O.G. paint kills it. im sorry dude

Notice the date dude. I

Notice the date dude. I wrote that 3 years ago when it looked a lot different. I also had different tastes in bikes, and I don't see this bike as pleasing to the eye anymore. I agree that painting over the original paint on the old tracks sucks, but it's not always horrible. Plus I believe that this was on that was in horrible condition paint-wise, but I could be wrong. That might be another bike. Anyways, check the date on the post next time you write your comments. You have no idea what I think about the bike now given the date or who I am.

really, its just paint dudes

really, its just paint dudes i bet this thing gets ridden, thats what matters.. regardless paint no paint thing is a clean build


this little strand is gettin crazy..

the frame was fine, but the paint was toast. the originals didn't come with much of a clearcoat in order to keep weight down. also, it had been repainted before i got it. so..i painted it in order to "make it mine". Finally, this thing gets ridden all the time. Rain, snow, sun, wind..i just take good care of it. it's my baby!

thanks, omar

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