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eddy merckx pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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em pista frame sprinkled with some campy pista parts
exception: bar/stem – cinelli pista*

*but you knew that, right?

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sexy beast

That's such a nice machine you got there!


That Merckx is retardely radical!!!!!!! Good Shit and post WTF you want player!!!


I'm callin' it . ...I know Hrrundel has contributed to this site with some nice/rare/well-built bicycles but they are pushing it by just posting one photo of the bike and their url. Share the bike(!): tell us what components, the year, and all those saucy details and maybe even a story about how you got it - don't send me to your blog. "Cheers" (sarcastically said that is)

agreed. got

agreed. got an amazing collection dude. theres no doubt about that. tired of seeing bike profile of just the bike and a link. no description of components

Couldn't be that hard?

To figure out this bike.. Let's see? C record cranks, hubs, seatpost, rolls saddle and of course cinelli
Pista bars and stem.. What other parts would he lace this fine steel pista with..? Just open up your eyes and take a peep.. Or google



i'm feeling you on this. so

i'm feeling you on this. so mysterious, but god damn his collection is amazing.

ftfy - enjoy

hopefully tomorrow is a better day for you

I do agree... it would be

I do agree... it would be nice to know a little more about the bikes... and not have to link externally... a few more pics wouldn't hurt either... and then feel free to post as many links to your page as you want...


whining, and just enjoy.

^ thinks hes a badass.

^ thinks hes a badass.


who, me? yeah, that's how I wanted that comment to come off.

jesus. you have the best

jesus. you have the best collection on velospace! all of your build are beautiful, rare and classy as fuck

Beautiful bike

Beautiful bike Hrrundel!
Does your collection ever end?!

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