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2012 Surly Karate Monkey

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2011 Surly Karate Monkey, 18"

Salsa Pro Moto Flat (710mm, 11 deg. sweep) / Thomson X4 stem (100mm, 0 deg. rise)

Surly CroMoly / Cane Creek 40

Velocity Blunt 32h / Shimano Deore XT / Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4"

Velocity Blunt 32h / Shimano Deore XT / Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4"

TruVativ FireX 1.1 (170mm crank-arms) / TruVativ Team GXP bottom bracket

WTB SST saddle / Thomson Elite (330mm, 27.2mm, 0mm setback) / Thomson Seatpost Clamp (29.8mm)

Shimano M540 / SRAM PC-830

32/18 for now.

I owned the 2011 KM frameset for a little over a year and had suspected that the fit might be just a hair on the small side. I decided to give the new 2012 18" frameset a try. So far, so good! I'm all ready for another Iowa Winter.

Mini-update: I was having issues with my seatpost slipping while using the stock Surly Stainless Steel seatpost clamp. The only way I could get it to hold and stay was torquing the bolt to an absurd amount like 9nm - 10nm. I wasn't a huge fan of that, especially when using a small multi-tool on the trails so I decided to give this Thomson seatpost clamp a try. Not only does it fit the "murdered out" color scheme a little bit better and weigh 12 grams less, but the seatpost hasn't slipped even a mm and all with only needing 2.8nm of torque. Consider me sold.

Update #2: I have Winterized the Karate Monkey a step further this year with Planet Bike's "Cascadia 29er" fenders. This year was an unusually warm Winter for us in Iowa and so these came in handy a lot.

Update 3/29/2012: Now that Winter here in Iowa has come and went, the Karate Monkey is back in full-on Spring/Summer mode. My co-worker, hooked me up with this wheel-set at a killer deal. I used Bontrager's TLR rim-strip and valve and have these wheels setup tubeless at the moment and it's been rock-solid *knocks on wood*. The new wheel upgrade and new tires shaved over a pound off of the total weight of the bicycle! Love this thing even more now. Future plans include a 1x10 or 2x10 drive-train (just to see what I think about it) and possibly a suspension fork. We will have to see!

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I love how bent the seat

I love how bent the seat tube looks with that seat post. sweet bike.

Ahaha, yep, I've always

Ahaha, yep, I've always liked how that seatpost looks with this frame as well. Unfortunately, now that I went to the 18" from the 16", I may have to go to a Thomson no setback seatpost instead. I'm still messing around with the fit though. Thanks for the comments!

Like it!! As a Minnesotan,

Like it!! As a Minnesotan, winter bikes are half of our collective bike obsession, esp. when they're Surly!!

Thanks! Yeah, I love all of

Thanks! Yeah, I love all of my Surlys (Surlies?, haha), and this one is a very capable ride in our (usually) harsh Iowa winters.

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