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Cinelli Mash

Bike tags: Fixed gear | mash cinelli hed tri spoke
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Cinelli 53 2010

cinelli Lux FSA stem

Columbus Carbon Columbus Headset

Hed Tri Spoke

Mavic Ellipse

Campagnolo Pista Miche BB

Cinelli Prologo Cinelli Lux

MKS Nuevo Wide Izumi

53 18


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150th mash on velospace

do i win something?

do i win something?



53/15? What the hell?

53/15? What the hell? Professional riders on the track are not even riding gears that hard. That's foolish. Especially on the street. 48/15 is standard track gearing. For the street, you should be around 53/19 or 48/17

Frame is also too big for you, given the amount of seatpost you have showing.


i dont know about you but i could have sworn the size "53" is for a reason pursuit styel top tube?

Which would mean higher seat tube meaning less seat post visible just an observation.

that was a typo it is 53 18

that was a typo it is 53 18 and the main reson for the 53 is cause that is what the crank set came with ither 50 or 53 so i choose what was in stock and as for frame size the bike is very comfy and fits me jsut fine stand over is perfect along with top tube.

really? dude dont listen to

really? dude dont listen to him. I ran 55 / 16 on my mash a year ago. to be it was perfect.


no one ever does...

The bike is obviously way

The bike is obviously way too big for him unless he doesnt know he could/should raise his seat post. If it fits comfortably like that, then you sure will love a bike that fits you A LOT more



My gearing is fine and his

My gearing is fine and his opinion is his own of course but i do have a miche carrier in the rear and change my ratio from 18 down to 15 and im in florida and there is no incline nor decline anywhere i ride and as for fit of my bike maybe you should look up other mash builds and check the post vs stem on most of those bikes and also there is a rear light mount on the seat post so maybe the angle and that have something to do with what your seeing.


nice mash ive never seen anything like it

I never said it was a one

I never said it was a one off.

Change the filename

The filename of your photo is probably something like "DSCN34734"... change it to something unique

fixed thanks man!

fixed thanks man!

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