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Cannondale sr500

Bike tags: Road bike | 105 | cannondale | commuter | sr500
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My step fathers former weekend warrior bike turned dust collector turned my daily ride. Such a fun bike, fast, smooth and fits me so well. Any suggestions on components/parts to upgrade welcome. Thanks!

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Nice machine, I just love these Cannondales. As to gearing, well you could put a triple on it. 48-36-26. Couple this with a Shimano 6 speed mountain bike rear cassette and you are away. This works because I do have this set up on one of my bikes. The trend to shun triples is a shame as it does give you peace of mind on climbs knowing you have for example a 26 front and 34 rear. Works great. You would also have to change the rear gear as well as the front.

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Nice ride.

I have virtually the same bike and it performs wonderfully for me. The only shortcoming I find is that there is not a very low gear, so long hill climbs can be a test of will power. Mind over matter. To fix this you would probably have to get a smaller chainring upfront, or a wider range in the back. I am not sure what is available in six speed freewheels, and since you can't respace an aluminum frame you might be stuck with the limited range. You could throw all kinds of money at this bike but I don't see the point. It is a great ride as it is. Personally I will just replace components as they wear out. Happy riding.

Welcome to the C'dale '87 Club

Nice bike. ...what to "upgrade"?: the cog and chain might need replacing (could add some gears if you shift with friction-mode); if you find a lack of brake-power, maybe upgrade to dual-pivots (look for used 105/Ultegra and put Kool-Stop brake pads on'em); if you don't find the brake levers comfortable, pick up a modern set of levers to match the new brakes (although you shouldn't have to for compatibility reasons). But really, the bike looks pretty accurate to it's original, which is a nice look and you say it fits you well so just ride'er!


These bikes are fun. Super tight and fast. Only thing I would change would be the pedals, to either clipless or MKS GR-9s, which I have found to be way more comfortable with street shoes than the Sylvans are.

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