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New Fix

Bike tags: Fixed gear | bmx | pursuit
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dunno? had cycle sport stickers on it? looks rad tho

bontrager steel crowbar in a xl bmx race stem

came with it

26" Velocity I built up 2 cross cause i could find any other spokes the right length

700c Velocity Deep V laced 3 cross to Suzue track hub


found seat at the dump

old school BMX ELF beartraps (have got powerstaps on now)

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New fix

Take off the BMX crap....

I will never understand BMX

I will never understand BMX risers on a pursuit frame

ditto , poor frame

ditto , poor frame

i like all the bmx parts its

i like all the bmx parts its great and the seat, well theres nothin wrong with recycling if you can make it look goo. rite?

Ever consider selling it?

Ever consider selling it? =)


it definitely looks more like a laser than the rossin because of the gussets
they look alot smoother than the rossins just like the laser


"built this up for my girlfriend so its probly gonna get a front brake and a basket."
you're a fool


looks a lot more like an old rossin pursuit than a cinelli.


looks like the Cinelli Laser?


which bike do you usually ride?

this looks like it's a small size that why your setting it up for your girl?



thats so sick
i want it


that bike is fucking hot.


this bike is unique, i love it!

yea man !

thats the coolest bike posted in awahile that thing is RAD!
what front tire did you use for a 26inch rim?

thanks dude

just a specialized 1" slick I got at my local. Its so close at the top you cant take it past 100psi (maybe I should just true my wheel?)


this thing is gangster. nice score at the dump. the saddle of course

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