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Cilo Fixed Gear

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Cilo Fixie Fixed
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Columbus Aelle / 60 cm / 1991-92?

Shimano RX100 / Mavic MA2 / Michelin Dynamic Sport 700x28c

Miche Monolithe / Mavic MA2 / Michelin Dynamic Sport 700x28c

Shimano RX100

San Marco

Shimano M520 SPD / Sram

Front Shimano RX100

42 X 16

This is a Cilo that I picked up to convert to a fixed gear. I haven't ridden fixed for nearly 30 years but have always been a big advocate of them and it's great to be back on one after 20 years of almost exclusive mountain biking. This bike rides beautifully and weighs in at 9.8 kg as shown.

Cilo bikes were built in Switzerland however this frame has an Italien bottom bracket. Did Cilo buy their Columbus tubed frames from Italy? I'm guesing at the year based on the Shimano components but would be interested if anyone could tell more including a model name if poss.

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Cilo did not buy anything

Cilo did not buy anything from the outside until the end of the 90's. Everything was built in Switzerland. The choice concerning the tubing was relative to the model. From that, Cilo built half the frames with Italian specs and the other half with BSA/Japanese specs.
Actually, to be exact, they built a fair amount of frames with "Swiss" bottom brackets, i.e. 70mm wide like Italian ones but with left- and right-hand thread like BSA ones.
By the way, does your bike have internal cable routing on the top tube (hard to tell from the picture...)? If so, I'd say without a doubt that it's a Cilo Challenger.
I've added it to the Cilo bicycles cluster. Nice bike!


Thanks for that info. The bike does have internal cable routing on the top tube as you suggest. The strange thing is that the bike was bought in France and presumably supplies for the French market.

Actually, it's quite easy to

Actually, it's quite easy to tell if this is definitely a Cilo Challenger. If you still have the original headsest and it is the kind with white plastic cups covers, then it's a Cilo Challenger for sure.
Now, depending on where the bike was bought originally,it might not be such a surprise. I've seen a lot of Swiss spec'd bikes around Jura, Ain, Savoie and other places close to the Swiss border. Where did you get it?


Hi, it does have the white plastic covers on the headset races. The bike was originally bought new in Narbonne (close to Spain). The BB is definitely Italian threading, 70mm wide both threads r/h. The original equipement is all Shimano RX100. Cheers, Ian

Now, I don't know how an

Now, I don't know how an Italian spec'd Swiss bike ended up in Narbonne, but it's a nice story to hear anyway.
Shimano RX100 was the standard equipment for Cilo Challengers, but all the Challengers I saw had a BSA BB. Italian spec'd Cilo I know of were sporting Campagnolo stuff.
Weird beast you have here, but it's a Challenger for sure, so it's a pretty good bike! Have fun!


Hi Kumotaki, thanks for the infomation. The paint job seems quite unusual. I've searched high and low on the internet but not seen another Cilo with that paint. It certainly is a nice frame. Being quite tall at 1.85m I need a 60cm frame and they can be a bit whippy, this one however is nice and stiff. I went out for quick 30km ride on Saturday morning before the rain set in and the bike rides beautifully. Ian

No idea!

I too would love to know more about how Cilo operated. I have a late 60's I'm restoring that has Reynolds 531 DB tubing, Campy dropouts, and a french BB and fork. Three countries represented there...very Swiss indeed.

Enjoy riding the road again.

The Cilo factory was

The Cilo factory was situated 100km away from France and 200km away from Italia. It never made sense to have a single standard in Switzerland as everybody was (and still is) buying parts from everywhere. You're never that far away from a supplier across the border, so sometimes it's Italia, sometimes it's France, sometimes it's Germany.

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