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Cinelli Persuit KNWU

Bike tags: Fixed gear

Cinelli (propably not really sure) persuit, 60 cm.. Old

blb riser. SR stem

blb headset, original fork

26" Mavic open 4 CD/ Shimano deore/ Continental Grandprix

Weinmann/ weinmann/ schwalbe tube

Campagnolo Strada/ campagnolo bracket

Bontrager/ ritchey

animal bmx pedals/ kmc z1x inox

48/16 Will be replaced by a 15t cog.

Frame used to belong to the Dutch Cycling union(KNWU). real descent condition. Rides incredibly jumpy. AWESOME!!!!

It's spelled "PURSUIT" I

It's spelled "PURSUIT"

I cannot see your pictures... but this already seems like a fail on this frameset.... "animal bmx pedals"

O year.. I know. .. Realized

nah, english isn't my first language.. So ey, sorry... Pursuit.. It was brought to my attention some time ago... Forgot the spelling error here.. My bad..

Got the right pedals today... Not even gonna bother updating.. Looks me..


cold-blooded, ripping him before his bike was posted

In the guy's defense...

...he's from Amsterdam, so English probably isn't his first language (although, from what I understand, it runs a pretty close 2nd). but just reading the spec, it sounds like it's gonna be a trainwreck.

preemptive strike....

pretty soon random kids will be innocently browsing their LBS when outta nowhere they get a text from this guy named 2011 saying "Put that aerospoke down and walk away"

killing the flower before it

killing the flower before it even budded

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