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Cinelli Mash Bolt 58cm.

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Cinelli Mash Bolt / 58 / 2012

Vision TT Alloy Base / Thomson

Cinelli / Columbus

Phil Wood / H+son TB14 / Gatorskin

Phil Wood / H+son TB14 / Gatorskin

Sugino 75 / Sugino 75

Selle San Marco / Thomson


49-17 / Phil Wood Cog / Sugino Chainring

I would consider this a pretty standard build. Nothing special, but I like it.

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this is a really clean mash.

this is a really clean mash. I personally like bikes to be more simplistic in appearance. looks very lightweight overall too. well done!


i think its a bit boring but i also think its classy and understated.

sort out the pedals use straps and clips, or go clipples like real men

also sorry dont like the bolt as i see it as a watered down version of the MASH

check my mash aswell

In all honesty, I wasn't

In all honesty, I wasn't going for anything eye catching, just a clean build. So, saying it's boring is a bit of a compliment in my eyes. If you see my comment a few replies down, I stated that I do have straps and I swap out clipless as well.

Not sure what you mean by watered down version of the MASH? Please expound on this.

This mash bolt or whatever

This mash bolt or whatever color scheme is the only one I like and it is an awesome build (maybe on of the best MASH's) Dont pay attention to him

perfect, but

Perfect(!!!) - but... 'this frame is made for speed...', not for gatorskins!

what does that even mean?

what does that even mean?

put gatorskin on the rear

put gatorskin on the rear and something light and fast on the front like gp4000/s or summin

That's it! This is the

That's it! This is the current tire combination on my workhorse :)

Well thought out build.

Well thought out build. Nicely done!

The ONLY thing I might change, is the bars. Somewhat ugly. A set of Nitto chrome bullhorns would look much better. Something like the RB-019

I'm always on the fence

I'm always on the fence about bars. I hate drop bars. I sort of like the Nitto Baby Bull bars and dislike the Nitto Persuit Bull bars. I actually like the size and flat grip on these even though I can agree, they are a bit ugly.

If they're comfortable for

If they're comfortable for you I'd say keep them.

"nothing special"?

"nothing special"? dude...this is special. nice classy and polished. nicely built dude.

btw...wheres your foot retention?

People used to ask me this

People used to ask me this all the time. I don't know why everyone thinks they need to have foot retention. i never rode cages or clips until I got my Cervelo.

Ummmm.... yeah.... well,

Ummmm.... yeah.... well, your bike DOES have a COASTER BRAKE.

Foot retention is necessary on a fixed gear bike. Cages or clipless pedals. Not just for stoping and safety, but also for efficiency, speed, climbing and sprinting.


if you read the description of my bike you would also see that i used to ride fixed gear. never with clips or cages or toe straps or velcro or super glue or rubber bands or any other means of attaching my feet to the pedals.

maybe your legs just arent strong enough...

It has NOTHING to do with

It has NOTHING to do with your legs being strong enough. Don't try playing that "I'm too strong and tough for foot retention" crap.

Even if you we're twice as strong as me, I could still beat you in a sprint or climb because you're only about 1/4th-1/3rd of your full pedal stroke to translating into drivetrain power. You only have the ability to push down with the forward foot. Now with cages, you have not only push, but also pulling up with the back foot. Clipless pedals are clearly the most efficient, as you can use the whole pedal stroke.

No go put some super glue and rubber bands on your pedals and see how much more efficient and faster you can go, tough guy.


I hate you.

I doubt...

you're faster than 2011(just go check his page; he actually trains for and rides the track). You definitely do not know what's best for you. It's safer and your overall performance will be BETTER with foot retention I promise.

Cool Dudes

I rode fixed gear for commuting. Didn't need cages for that.

I ride my Cervelo S2 for distance rides. Yes, I ride with pedals that clip to my little shoes so I can maximize the energy I produce in a full pedal rotation. Maybe when I get the chance to sit on the internet all day like you kewl dewds I will post the rest of my bikes.

I definitely know what is best for ME. My original comment was made stating that I don't know why people used to freak out that I rode without cages. I could get to the gym and back and ride to the beach just as fine with or without cages. I preferred without.

as 2011 stated...coaster

as 2011 stated...coaster brake ≠ fixed gear

Toe clips weren't on it when

Toe clips weren't on it when I took this picture. I also have some clipless pedals for it and I'm going back and forth on it right now.

oh yeah

nice ass bike.

i really like your build,

i really like your build, too

Great looking build! Silver

Great looking build! Silver parts and lo profile rims make it pretty classy looking

Thanks. I was pretty tired

Thanks. I was pretty tired of seeing all black parts and deep-v's all over the place. Initially I was afraid it was going to be to much *bling*, but it turned out pretty well.

We think alike! Haha its

We think alike! Haha its nice to see a mash built differently

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