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SOLD: NOS 70's childrens' Motobecane Nomade

Bike tags: Road bike | 38cm | 450 x 32A | chill | huret | more tags >>
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Motobecane Nomade / 38cm / 70's

unmarked / unmarked

unmarked / unmarked

unmarked / Rigida 450A / Hutchinson 450 x 32A

unmarked / Rigida 450A / Hutchinson 450 x 32A

unmarked / unmarked

Gallet / unmarked

Lyotard / Sedis

Huret / Huret Svelto

Cam / Dia-Compe


picked this up with my Rotrax for 60 bucks. couldnt pass it up. so fucking cool. never been ridden, NOS from a bike shop.

update: rode it across town, it's maiden voyage. surprisingly rideable, and im 5'11". i might have to keep this around. critical mass anybody?

UPDATE: sold it to some dude for 200 bucks. probably a much better home than it had here.

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You made my cluster...

congrats? Hahahaha....


this picture is definitely one of my favorites across the entire internets.



he reminds me of the

he reminds me of the pedobear

i could see that.

i could see that.

watch your back though. he

watch your back though. he friended this bike.

So it's safe to assume we

So it's safe to assume we now know what Mu_Empire looks like? I see he is from Ames as well and has befriended most of your bikes.

thats me to know and you to

thats for me to know and you to find out. p.s. i have another one of these bikes now that i'm restoring at the shop i work at....

They're pretty hilarious

They're pretty hilarious bikes. I saw one on my local craigslist some months ago.

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