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Hello Darlin'

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Origin-8 Purple BullHorns/FSA


Origin-8 - Purple/Origin-8/Origin-8 Deep V 700C/Speedy Arrow - Purple - 700X25c

Origin-8 Track Attack by Weinmann - Black/Origin-8 by Weinmann/Origin-8 Deep V 700C/Duro Nylon - Black - 700X23c

Tru Vativ by SRAM

WTB Speed/Wabi

MKS GR-9/Black and Silver

Front Brake (Tektro Dual Caliper 365)/ Tektro - NO Rear Brake

47/16/Unknown/Axiom Tail Light

This is my 2nd Fixed Gear. The other one (I later found out) was waaaayyyy too small for me to stop correctly. So I found this doll and made some adjustments to her. She is still a work in progress. I would like to make her lighter, but I need the bike to be strong for my weekly commutes. I commute home from work most of the time with this bike M-F about 80 miles a week. I participate in night rides throughout Los Angeles, CA, USA with this bike aptly named "Darlin'". Yup she is like a big southern belle, with some nice classic lines and curves.

- Feels more sturdy when riding.
- Front stopping (front skidding) without the brake is ALOT easier.
- The gear ratio allows some flexibility for mid to minor hills.
- Easy to keep clean.
- Quieter than my previous fixed gear.

- Feels heavier than my last bike, even though I weighed them both, and the scale says they are 22 lbs.
- The seat is not as comfortable on long runs (chill rides).
- Hop skidding/stopping is harder to accomplish on steeper hills.
- My headphone cord sometimes gets caught on those little UN-used brake paths welded in the top of the stem of the frame. Since I don't use rear brakes, I might sand/cut them off, since they serve no purpose anymore.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks in advance for checking her out!

Level out that saddle

Level out that saddle


The saddle? If I level it out, it seems to then attack my "twig and berries". But I am getting sic of tendon that connects my upper leg bone to my buttock muscle being sore. What am I doing wrong?

get a better fit

the side of your hip is hurting cause you're saddle is too high. so do what the other guy said and lower your saddle and/or find a saddle that fits your body and riding style correctly. and if you want it to be lighter, lose the deep-v's and some nicer lower profile rims like open pros

Well put

Got it, lower the saddle. I might change it to a Brooks Saddle. I heard those were comfy.

lower it and level it

lower it and level it


Will do, thanks!

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