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Mid-80s Specialized StreetStomper Ghettocruiser

Bike tags: Road bike | Mountain bike | Commuter | specialized streetstomper shimano 600 commuter cyclocross 26 | Cyclocross
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Specialized StreetStomper / ~51cm x 56cm / mid-80s

Surly stache / No name

Stock / Stock

Stock / Sansin / Araya 26x1.5 / Matrix Connection 26x1.6 or Panaracer UrbanMax 1.125

Stock / Sansin / Araya 26x1.5 / Matrix Connection 26x1.6 or Panaracer UrbanMax 1.125

No name / Shimano UN54

Velo somethin-er-other / Stock

Shimano 105 aero or TIME ATAC / SRAM 8 speed

Shimano friction bar end / Shimano 105 "Golden Arrow" / no front

Avid Shorty 4 / Leechi aero levers

39 / 13-28


This was my mom's bike that she bought new in the 80s and has ridden regularly ever since. Aside from a hefty amount of cosmetic blemish, the bike was in really good shape and cleaned up nicely with a damp rag.

My parents both recently got heavy into mountain biking. She brought it with her when she visited me in July, but quickly decided that this bike wasn't suited to the trails out in Palos, so she bought a Giant Talon and left this bike here with me, with these specific instructions: "You can do whatever you want with the bike, but if you sell any of the original parts, I will skin you."

I found a deal locally for the Shimano 600 drivetrain and 3T handlebars. All in all, with the new drivetrain, bars, bar tape, chain, and cables, I put about 150 bucks into the bike. I'm incredibly pleased with how it rides-- it's heavy as shit, the tires are fat, and the shifters are a bit temperamental, but it's solid as all goddamn hell and is gonna be a bitchin winter/bar hopping bike.

Got the fenders for Christmas, and I decorated them (and the fork and chainstays) with pink duct tape.

Recently converted to 1x8, upgraded the brakes, and switched from drops and STI levers to stache bars and a friction bar end. Shaved a significant amount of weight, and cruises like a dream.

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Lovin' it ...and the story!

Haha, thanks! There's a lot

Haha, thanks! There's a lot of sentimental value in the bike, and I think it goes a long way.

this bike reminds me of

why i love the internet. thanks for sharing.

Ghettocross 4life.

Ghettocross 4life.

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