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Cinelli Mash Bolt

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike
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2012 Cinelli Mash Bolt, 50cm

Nitto bullhorn, thomson elite


50mm carbon clincher to Victoire track hub

Sugino 75

Selle italia SLR carbonio saddle, Thomson masterpiece seatpost

MKS custom nuevo NJS pedals, Izumi super toughness NJS chain

I post this for a friend of mine who does't go on velospace.
Hong Kong

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hi how tall would a person have to be to ride 50cm frame im 5'9 but thinking of getting this frame in 53cm

lol get a life guys.

lol get a life guys.

says the guy

Taking pictures of a library.

Really like it

Really like it :) Couldn't have been better :)

I can totally imagine a

I can totally imagine a snobby rich kid walking into a bike shop saying... hey, make me the total stereotype of EVERY single hipster MASH bike out there. It needs to have a HED3 front wheel, carbon rear rim but with a heavy "Rando" tire for the skid and the cute matching MASH bars and bartape.

Could this bike have been built any less original? Wow.

i dont think it's a question

i dont think it's a question of originality, rather, the pointlessness (lack of a better word) of this bike.

2011 isn't an asshole, he speaks the honest truth about what he sees, and as 'real' as that may be, when you post your fucking bike on an open webiste, be expected to get critisism, whether that's good or bad.

let's please all stop this and go ride our bikes, (even if it has a hed3 on the front and back with pink soma everwears X nitto jag/riser combo)

I think people in general

I think people in general need to change their fucking outlook on this site... I've been on Velospace for like 2-3 years now, and I started out as that elitist fuck that felt like having a sick track bike made me better than everyone else around me.

The truth is "real" doesn't mean shit because 2011 isn't like a fucking opinion leader. This dude is not like chris matthews who is harsh but pushes the medium or some shit. Why is this contribution to the world so much more "pointless" than anyone's bike on this site?

I don't get that the more people are nested in this environment that they grow more elitist, bitter and holier-than-thou by the minute. 2011, dog fucking grow up man. Your seemingly "real" comments echo sentiments that everyone is thinking and knows, like who the fuck doesn't have that level of knowledge of track cycling just from being in this scene? If you ride a fixed gear you naturally grow in knowledge and skill as a cyclist. What I don't understand is this underflow of hatred and class distinction that people constantly lump onto other people's creations.

Like, have some fucking empathy man. You don't think that we don't see people's subtle ploys at making their bikes more hip? Taking pics of street rides at velodromes to make the whole idea of riding fixed more tolerable or "legitimate," putting clipless pedals on newer bikes to make them look more "pro." Is that all real?

That's the question I pose to all you haters.. be better than the trolls around you. If this guy wants to post a nice ass 16lb street killer, who are you to criticize his use of money? Better yet do you optimize your shit to the level perfection? No. that's why you can tailor your discretion to whatever you want.

Kyle, you speak like you are forced into a corner to admit what you feel is the right way to approach the track bike arena. Was it not for you seeing that first conversion or that cool kid with a keirin frame where would you be inspired? That's real.

Inspire someone instead of bringing them down. Learn, grow, mature and become a better person, these are ideas we should all elevate ourselves to. Are they not?

Man i so get it; my first

Man i so get it; my first conversion, specialized trispoke, chrome backpack, macaframa primere. Been there done that, like most of us...

I just get sick of people getting really defensive over a fucking bike. ITS A BIKE. I want to hear more about riding your bike than complaining about someone else's.

There are elitist snobs on this site like on many others.
I respect your comment, it was really well put. Maybe 2011 is trying to educate the world on his knowledge of track riding/fixie wipin', i dont know.

Im not "forced into a corner," it's just that I know this shit is inevitable, and whenever i see a 'nice' track bike from Hong Kong or Tokyo being posted, i know that conflict brews up.

You make a lot of good points. We all start somewhere and if this is where it is, so be it.

This is my second account, and i remember when this was the shit:

and this was even cooler:

And I certainly don't remember people hating on those bikes...
Im not trying to say Ive 'been ridin before all the hipsters,' or even that long, Im just saying that those are the kinds of things that pushed me, and whatever the trend may be (drop bars or discs on the street), it's what people are going to do. Im just saying if you're going to post your bike on this site, it happens, and no matter what anyone says there is always going to be a cat4 racer that has something to say about your bike. They feel entitled to their own opinion, so why are we wasting our time talking about it, or rather giving in to it?

I totally get it, and i may sound contradictory at this point with all the stuff i've said, but we all just need to take a second and seriously ride our own bikes...

i feel you dog. respect.

i feel you dog. respect.



dude your art sucks dick

dude your art sucks dick man.
Like ima put a bunch of hard drives in the shape of a cross... wow real deep thought here man.... grad school money well spent. Lemme blow a bubble while I think deeply about technology.

being a painter myself...its

being a painter myself...its comical when someone who knows nothing about art tries to teach an artist.

and before you say something you know nothing about again...

ughhhh... ur really going to

ughhhh... ur really going to give me a rebuttal in the form of a youtube video? Can we just move on and pretend i copied the URL into safari?

its comical that I'm criticizing high-falutin subtitles for a poor man's arrested motion? I know enough about art to recognize insecurity in one's abilities and vision when I see it. artisitic ability, particularly vision requires intense honing, and during that process of honing one goes through grasping with insecurity.. one way to cope is to use horribly contrived language to describe extremely simplistic ideas.

2011 talks about hijacking artistic values... as if reporting on street art/hybrid design and found objects is now the new hijacking? Miss, this year's art in the streets via MOCA has legitimized the likes of ron english, kid robot, fairey, gaia, etc... Art is predicated on honesty and vision... hiding behind such an overly ironic title like art is shit reveals the founder's own misunderstanding and ultimately, that whole "I follow it but I won't admit to it when I'm asked about it" mentality.

Dude is not looking at principles and cultural constructs around contemporary art, but creating a blog for self-therapy and name dropping. I mean why name it art is shit if you're not going to put an art-is-shit angle on anything?

It has no real meaning besides posturing. just as your poorly stickered colubmus EL/genius tubeset is posturing. You can't make a genius bike wihtout the genius lugset, oversized is oversized for a reason....... durrrr

Thanks for your

Thanks for your opinions.

While you're at it, add us as a friend on Facebook.

Also, before you go making harsh judgements against something you dont really know or seen in person, i suggest that if you're ever out in the LA area, you should come to one of our exhibitions or events, held every month. What little we have on our blog/website is nowhere near the calibre of what we're creating in real life.

Bye sweetheart, love-bug, darling cutie face.

man whatever dude, now this

man whatever dude, now this kid takes the high road...

hella hater over here dude... like you know it hurts people when you hate on shit right? Then why do it? I don't get this internet culture, especially as we grown and learn more in life, we temper our own opinions with some sort of moral compass about what to say and what not to say. Like after some degree of trolling you must learn to grow right?

have some empathy dog. Just a little bit.

There is a difference

There is a difference between talking shit about a mass-produced object, like a bicycle... and talking shit about a person and what they do or who they are.

This is a bike built by a shop. It's a beautiful build with fantastic parts. It's really an amazing bike, yes. However, I still just find it humorous how stereotypical it is of how so many people build up MASH frames.




Why are you such a complete and utter asshole?



thanks for the input

thanks for the input, but I don't think a cinelli mash can be "less original"



like i said before. the

like i said before. the cinelli mash is the justin beiber of track frames

bitch, at least I don't

bitch, at least I don't write out every fucking word on the tubing decals that I bought off ebay. Just because you put a columbus genius decal on some shit doesn't make it columbus genius.. differential butted tubing actually looks different from standard tubing.. at least get a TSX decal if you're actually trying to be genuine...

You are the justin bieber of trying to look like you're not trying.

wait wait wait...angry

wait wait wait...angry youre saying you have x-ray vision and can see the actual butting inside my tube? if youre so serious about calling me out of should go find my bike on the "exported" list on njs export and see this frame has had these tubing decals since they left japan

and actually yes. i AM justin beiber.

it doesn't take x-ray vision

it doesn't take x-ray vision darling, it takes knowing what genius tubing looks like....

It's like if I put a columbus airplane sticker on a 6000 series visp... do i need xray vision then?

Haha, i like that I'm such a angry person. As if defending someone's build on a website makes me a dick.

hey baby boo. so you can see

hey baby boo. so you can see the difference between reynolds 531 and columbus nivacrom?...and THROUGH paint? damn dude...if you were that amazing...why arent you at stanford with me dude?

baby can see the difference in welding and construction...not the actual alloy and ESPECIALLY through paint.

bitch nobody gives a fuck

bitch nobody gives a fuck that you went to stanford... not to mention any idiot can tell the difference between 531 and nivachrome.. the tubing has different diameters yo... go look up genius tubing diameters then compare it to EL then look at your makino's tubing and then tell me I'm wrong.

why the name calling,

why the name calling, baby? youre telling you got all the numbers up there in that great mind of yours? damn thats impressive...AND you determine diameter by eyesight down to the 0.1mm

please...King of Mankind...teach me your ways

omg just stop. Its not down

omg just stop.

Its not down to .1 If it was I would have no argument. I wouldn't even be trolling on you if I knew I was wrong, like seriously why would I take it this far? Just chalk it up as an L.

genius is much newer tubing than 531, in the sense that it requires a unique lugset because of its shape... which is not compatible with EL. IN short, you can't combine EL and genius without using different bb shells, lugs etc. Not to mention most genius tube sets are brazed also. Again, if you're going to put stickers on a bike like this choose some more believable shit, I personally would go for a TSX near the seat cluster junction if I were so inclined.

Most of the differentiation from older tubesets from columbus like SL, EL, SLX and TSX have to do with how the tubing is butted and milled on the inside. At least get your diameters right you know? It doesn't take an undergrad degree from Stanford to go do some research before putting on some fake stickers...

Again, you are free to put whatever stickers you want on your bike. But it's like dont' criticize this dude's build like you got some uber unique shit... I mean the dude is just trying to rock a cinelli bolt... Why you gotta hate?

Like you fuckers miss the point of my arguments completely... stop trolling for the sake of trolling it doesn't do anything but lower yourself. At least be creative.. the justin bieber for track frames? "Like i said before?!" Like that's some shit you wanna be quoted on, like that's fuckin funny?

Dog, all i ask is respect nothing more nothing less. It's like when you were rocking an aerospoke that's your perogative... I'm sick of people who seem to "know" what's best for others... like do your thing girl, if you wanna get a mag for the front that's your fucking thang.

do you and stop hating.

You should take an English

You should take an English class and learn how to make a clear & concise argument. Lengthy argument and posts are a sign of incompetence.

By the way, "tl;dr" = too long; didn't read



looks taller than a 50

but damn that is schweeeet

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