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Presto Amsterdam Pista

Bike tags: Track bike | belgian | cinelli | easton | fizik | more tags >>
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Presto Amsterdan Pista Custom / 55.5X54.5 / ~1971

Phillipe pista-?? / SR 110mm

Presto / Record NR

Record NR (road QR) / Mavic Reflex

Record NR / Mavic Reflex

Record Pista 165mm / Record 68-P-110

San Marco Laser or Concor SC / Campag

Suntour Sprint+Campag cages, Christophe straps / Regina Oro

October 2013 - New Powdercoat bitches!!

June 2014 - Period build. Done.

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Very lovely, love the

Very lovely, love the emerald!

Traditional black-tread skin walls would compliment and show off the wonderful color.

I'd love to find a pair of

I'd love to find a pair of veloflex tires in black/gum wall but they're pricey.

They'd look great. The

They'd look great. The cheapest I've found them is free shipping for the pair.

Presto Pista

This old track bike looks fresh. Nice powdercoat.


you ever decide to sell this again let me know ha.

Doubt it. This one's a

Doubt it. This one's a lifer. I'm having it powdercoated right now.

dat chainring

jelly. is it 1/8"?

Yep. I switched out the

Yep. I switched out the cranks but still using this ring. New pics soon.


nice stem, among other things. I identify with ya on keeping the fixie biek around for fun around-town rides. Looks like it's well set up to tackle the streets! Have you been using the 021s for awhile? Ive been tempted to try them, but they look so droopy and hard to find good hand positions..
ps did you paint that fork?

Thanks for your comment! I

Thanks for your comment! I alternate between this and my Marzano road bike for my daily work commute (nearly 12 miles each way) so I needed it as functional as possibly. No suicide stem, unwrapped drops or brakeless fixie nonsense here.

Besides playing with a set of Merkx-bend drops briefly, the 021's have always been on this bike, even before I switched to the threadless cockpit. They allow for multiple hand positions (comfortable when set up properly - usually tilted up more than you see here) and make climbing a cinch. Personally I like the look of them. My only complaint is that the tops are slightly too narrow even for my small hands to achieve a comfortable neutral position (unless you are a stem-hugger, which I decidedly am not). If you are considering horns then the 018's are probably more comfortable/practical IMO.

The previous owner had two of these forks, one in black and this one, which he had painted to match his Klein Quantum. I traded him stuff for both. I got lucky it matches perfectly.


I get the urge to put on the ol track drops every once in awhile, but I know my 018s are just so much more comfortable. Enjoy the miles ahead!


I saw this on ny craigslist a few weeks ago im kind of happy you didnt sell it because i love your build.

Thanks dude. I appreciate

Thanks dude. I appreciate your appreciation. I also love the build and could not be happier with this bike now.

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