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Cannondale Black Lightning Full Superbe Pro 1986 54 cm Sweetness

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Black Lightning 54 cm c-c 1986

Nitto 40 black anodized with gold bands, nitto road black anodized 110

Cannondale tange cro-mo with investment cast crown, Suntour Superbe Pro sealed bearing Black with gold lettering

Mavic MA 40 36 hole clincher/ Suntour Superbe Pro Black with gold lettering/ Conti Sprinter yellow

Mavic MA40 36 hole clincher/ Suntour Superbe Pro Black with gold lettering/ Conti Sprinter yellow

Suntour Superbe Pro 42 52 170mm Suntour Superbe Pro BB

Cinella Corsa VTX Black with copper rails/ Suntour Superbe Pro Black with gold letters 27.2

Suntour Superbe Pro Road/track non NJS SRAM pd 830 7-8 speed

Suntour Superbe Pro Gold Anodized friction/ Suntour Superbe Pro front gold on black and rear black on gold

Royal Gran Compe 440 by Maede exact same as Suntour Superbe Pro but there were limited productions in this early model year and none in black.

7 speed Suntour new winner 12-21


pretty much been in a garage for 25+ years. The seller advertised it as a black lightning and proceeded to scare off all other bidders with incredibly confusing statements. I contacted him got clarification, additional pictures, and a damn near museum quality FULL SSP Black and Gold treasure. Rides the way we all remember Cannondales being. Super stiff, pleasantly compliant and beautiful dampening quality from the oversize aluminun tubes. Its a tad small for me and I may swap the gruppo onto a rare black with gold sparkle 3Rensho SR Super Record Export, just for the drool factor.

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If you

see one with the black Superbe you know who to tell ;)

56-58...just sayin


christmas wish


that is an awesome bicycle you have there, great find!


bike boner at the moment. Can't wait to see the Rensho especially if you put this gruppo on it!


Looks a heck of a lot like the 1987 SR 800 (aka Black Lightning). In fact I am pretty sure that is what you have here. Great bike. I have the lowly SR 500 from that same year and I love it! Check out the catalogue online.

1986 SR800 in black with custom group..?

This is an odd duck. The catalogs don't list a "black lightning" from 1986, but the frame logo is clearly 1986 or earlier. The component spec, Superbe Pro all around, is the same as the 86 SR800 but again, the components are not blacked/golded out like this example. I'd be surprised if this isn't a "concept" from cannondale for the what-would-become Black Lightning mainstay of cannondale from '87 and on. It's cool no matter what it is and well, a simple decoding of the serial# would tell us the year..?

And this just in...From the man who designed it!!!

Was able to correspond with David Campbell @ Cannondale who is thier original product developer and spec'd all the early designs, specifically the "Black Lightining" line. In response to my inquiry I will quote directly from his reply......

"I have been with Cannondale since 1980, before bikes. I was the first product manager, planning, “specing” product.

I was the originator of the special road bike we called the Black Lightning. A friend of mine still has the prototype I made, sending out all the little parts to be anodized black.

In brief there were two generations: The first had a Suntour Superbe Pro group, was more expensive. The Superbe Pro group was black with some gold accents. The second kept the look of the original Black Lightning, but was lower cost with lower spec Suntour parts, an effort to get more sales volume."

This clears the mist of why it wasn't listed in the catalogues.

And as an added note David mentioned that since its a bit small for me and he fits a 53/54 he may be a potential customer! How cool would that be if it found its way back home?

This thing is a keeper

This thing is a keeper


Man that is cool. Thank you for keeping us in-the-loop as that is a special conversation/connection I'd say! That would be pretty sweet if it ended up going back to David Campbell.
These sorts of stories, that pop up about builders and riders, really make cycling into such a special hobby/passion...

ser no

serial number 54052286374

So it is from 1986 :-)

54 = Frame size
05/22/86 = Production date
374 = Sequence Number
Unfortunately, the serial# doesn't tell us the model, but color typically indicates which build it was destined for (since all the frames were the same across the genre).
It is a sweet bike and that group is gorgeous, but I fear I am biased with any opinion on breaking up the two!


My guess is that it is an 86 sr800 frame that was left over and they just built it up in 87 with the black lightning group. Is that crazy? I also would not break it up. Isn't your 3rensho a track bike anyway. You wouldn't get half the parts on it. And it looks pretty sweet as it is.

You know of my others...?

I think your reffering to my SRE Keirin. I also have a 54 3rensho SR super record export full Ishiwta 019 chrome fork and a 55 Athlete. I'll post pics after the holidays. To many other home related projects taking priority.

Superbe Pro..?

The Superbe Pro isn't listed in the '87 or '88 catalog for the Black Lightning--although it is in the photo pictured in the '88..?!?
I don't have access to Euro cats from that period (nor do I know if there were ones); is it possible that this is a European model of the Black Lightning , also per the size in cms? (both my '87 C'dales list the size in inches, but neither are from the SR-line) I like the "built up an '86 frame in '87" theory, but it's odd that the Superbe Pro is there, plus I think the powder-coat would have gone on relatively closely around the production date..? Cheers

Black Lightning Gruppos

I've seen several other on different sites. cobbled parts (mainly Maede subs) Sugino branded cranks, dia compe brakes, lower tier suntour derailleurs and gearing, but NEVER a full SSP, not sure which is more desirable, the frame or (my leaning) the gruppo. Saw one sell w/o wheels 2 mos ago on Ebay for six hundred ebay listing Item number: 260846551965

And another Ebay listing

Of a nice SSP group less the brakes for around five hundred.

I think it needs either

I think it needs either black tires or more color


the gold stampings on all the components are hard to photograph. Its by no means a drab black, there is a gold or yelloy in the clear that compliments the accent in the components.


must have


send me an offer. Its so much more in person.

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