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2 Speed Pinarello Veneto

Bike tags: Road bike

Pinarello Veneto 54cm 1984

Cinelli Criterion


Shimano 105/Nisi Rim/Gatorskin

Sturmey-Archer S2C Kickback 2 Speed Hub/Nisi Rim/Gatorskin

Dura Ace Cranset/Shimano 600 BB

Turbo Saddle/SEL.COF. post

Shimano 105 Pedals/Shimano Chain

We don't need no stink'n shifters

Coaster brake built-in to the S2C Hub

53 x 18 Actual (Kickback hub converts this to about a 53 x 24 when selected)

by Columbus

My fixie friends laugh at my coaster brake, but they laugh from behind as I always get the drop on them with my S2C Duomatic 2 speed kickback hub. Once up to speed I give it a feather touch kickback and the 53 x 18 tooth ratio feels more like a 53 x 11. The added bonus is that it the bike can actually stop, we'll sort of.

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still confused

how does the hub work again? you pull back a bit to shift up? does that mean when you pedal backwards to brake, you're in a high gear when you start going again? how do you shift back down? lol

How the hub works

A slight pedal action backwards switches the hub into the other gear. What gear it is in depends on what you left it in when you last used it. So basically you just switch back and forth between high and low depending on what you want. Naturally, if you pedal backwards harder to engage the coaster brake, it will by default switch gears as well. Sometimes I will hit the brake twice so that it switches twice effectively leaving you in the gear you were in the first place. It does take a little getting used to, but essentially you always leave it in the easier gear until you get a good head of steam then you kick it back to engage the harder gear at a significantly reduced rpm.

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