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Colnago Pista / Track 2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Commuter | 2011 | more tags >>
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looks dangerous. nice ride.

yeah, very dangerous

yeah, very dangerous especially when holding aero bar and trap in the traffic,but i will not do that. haha
so far so good.

pls ride this bike with

pls ride this bike with clipless!

Seriously. Clipless pedals

Seriously. Clipless pedals will make you go much faster than those pointless aero bars will make you go on the streets.

i know that dude, but im

i know that dude, but im using this bike to travel to work and commute on every day activity, therefore it is quite troublesome to wear a clipless shoe if i just want to buy an instant noodle for example. so thank you your opinion, and about the speed, i prefer having convenience ride than the clipless, maybe next month if i go to track training i will install a clipless, we'll see.
and about the pointless aerobar that u said,i know it doesnt make sense but u will never know when u never try it on the street, it is similar to those bullhorn bar for God sake,i only use the aero position when there is no traffic n racing with friend which is quite useful againts road bike and other drop bar track bike (it has been proven by me.
sorry for the broken english, haha..

2011 and myself have both

2011 and myself have both used aero bars, and can easily say its completely stupid to even consider using them day to day, especially on the street. Hell, they're not easy to use on the track let alone on the street, and very uncomfortable.

im so sorry if you and your

im so sorry if you and your friend feel uncomfortable with the aero bar, but it doesn't mean the same to me, we are different person, even the twin have different feeling.
Let me explain more clearly to you, it seem you did not get my previous message.
With Aero bar you can get 4 handle position:
1. Bull horn position for casual riding, using most of the time.
2. Holding the wing Position ( the flat body of the handle bar)
3. Aero position, holding the extension bar, when there is flat chest Road with no traffic
4. Holding the Arm rest (pad) position, similar to holding the riser bar.

To make it more CLEAR, i Never use aero position in the street with traffic, i still have my brain work for this kind of shit.

Those are my experience riding with aero you wont getting bored riding in same position all the time.

Other than that, it kinds of cool bar and i like it, some to your feeling toward your Mavic IO wheel that you have before,you must feel cool and like those wheels at that time, but because everyone call it stupid then you sell it, that what I call stupid, will you sell your wife too if people call her ugly for example.???ckckkc i couldnt understand.

Hope its Help, if Not then so be it.

God Bless...





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