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My red pista

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Italian (French/German?) Pista (unknown make)

3ttt handlebar, Nitto B123 NJS certified Handlebars

Shimano 600 headset, Fork make unknown

70's Ambrosio rims and Dura Ace track hubs (NJS certified)

70's Ambrosio rims and Dura Ace track hubs (NJS certified)

Sugino Track Crankset, Shimano BB

Flite saddle, Campagnolo seat post

love dat chrome!

love dat chrome!



simplicity at its finest

so simple and yet so beautiful

Super Nice!

Clean and simple...

Well, on second thought the

Well, on second thought the fork could be a Cinelli with the paint removed. The forks were painted to mach the bike, but they were painted over the chroming. And the bikes were painted this color or a yellow.

This bike really looks like

This bike really looks like a Cinelli Olympic w/out the decals. I could really tell if i could see the rear bridge. Also, is there a sizing number stamped in to the BB? The fork isn't Cinelli, but the bike looks just like a Cinelli Olympic.

no name pista


"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.

keeping it simple

and clean

Sweet ride!!!!!

I've gotta admit that this is one of my favourites if not my favourite bike on Velospace. Clean, sleek, tight clearances, and lookin' oh so fast!!!

beautiful bike.

beautiful bike.

devils head on fork crown?

i think i have the same frame -> it´s an "devils head" stamped in the fork crown? and a "W" at the bb lug? bosibly it meet u at helsinki?

devils head on fork crown!

Yes, it's the same bike. We met in Helsinki. Did you buy yours at Keirin Berlin too? Do you know anything about the origin of the bikes?

no i got mine from veldrom

no i got mine from veldrom trash, now i know it´s an le touro aka stier from an model produced in frange for an big german bike company ->stier now.
hope it´s all right but that´s what me an guy told who has a frame with the same devil (stier) on the fork crown but on geared street racing bike.


awesome frame
good color

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