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IRO Mark V

Nitto B263 / Uno


Surly (Terrible, don't get this) / H+Son / Bontrager Hard-Case 23c

Formula / No-Name Deep Rim / Vittoria Randonneur 25c

IRO / Shimano UN54

Pro-Logo / Thomson Elite

Plastic BMX / SRAM PC-1



46 / 17


Was my daily commuter from the beginning of last summer all the way through a Canadian winter, and finally this summer.

I got the opportunity to ride at the RedBull Minidrome (So much fun!!!) only got to do about 5 warm-up laps and then crashed. I bent the fork and just didn't have a replacement for it. So I figure, crashing on the Minidrome was a good way to end its life. I'm keeping the frame as I have so many good memories on it. First track stand, learning to fakie, and carried me through all sorts of shitty weather reliably. Even with a seized seatpost (not my fault, previous owner fucked up somehow, still don't know how, right size seatpost for the frame and everything, but it feels like the post was too big)

May she Rest in Peace :) She deserves it

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Ha! I see where the advice

Ha! I see where the advice was coming from.

yah, it looks pretty sweet

yah, it looks pretty sweet :) (IMO)

Where's the brake you said

Where's the brake you said you prefer to use???? If it's a alu post in a steel frame just melt it ou like I did using costic soda search it on YouTube and you will find my video on it, my YouTube name is also 'ArferBar' . Nice one (the guy with the chub problems)

I took off the brake for the

I took off the brake for the pic. I like the clean lines for the pics :)

my usual brake system is some no-name tektro brake and a crosstop lever

Thanks for the tip, next time i have an issue with my seatpost, i'll be sure to try, but as i said, this bike is no longer w/ me :(

retired over a fork?

its super easy to find a 1 1/8 threadless steel fork...why would you retire a perfectly good beater over that?
Heres a few for example:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=825eee6c2871e995&biw=887&bih=531

I kind of also wanted a new

I kind of also wanted a new bike lol so this also gave me the opportunity to get one lol :P It's also too small for me, and as i couldnt adjust the seatpost, its best i get a bike my size now.

oh okay

completely understandable sir...A new bike is always nice : D

Sometimes...we just have to

Sometimes...we just have to put them out to pasture

mini drome

that would have been so sick. i would love to rock out on a mini drome. Have seen many vids of it in action.

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