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Colnago Mexico 1977

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Columbus Tubing Colnago/53/1980's

Cinelli Pista/Nitto Jaguar


Campagnolo Shamal C-Record 700c/Continental Sprinter Tire

Corima Track hub 700c/Tufo Tire

Campagnolo Grand Sports 52T 170mm/Campagnolo 36x24F

Brooks B17/Nitto 65

Origin 8 Pro/Sachs


Radius/Shimano Dura Ace Drilled



My first fixed gear Colnago (SOLD)...

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looks like a super or a mexico? sniff:(

That's not a Colnago

That's not a Colnago

Is it a Colnago

- still hard to say...

I will add some detail

I will add some detail pictures this weekend for you to observed. Thanks for the interest!

Take some closeups of the

Take some closeups of the seat stay, rear drops, headtube, etc. I have never seen Colnago decals upside down before, that is why I don't think it is the real deal.

Detail photos were added.

Detail photos were added. Perhaps you have opinion for me what kind of Colnago is that. On the rear drop there is an inscription said "102 BREV. CAMPAGNOLO".
And also, for the rear Corima is a track hub (not conversion) with newer version of carbon that has 14T.

i still don't think it is a

i still don't think it is a Colnago, the clover in the BB is very badly done. The upside down decals mean it must be a re-paint, do you know what it originally looked like?

Yeah that clover looks

Yeah that clover looks bad

Here is what it should look like

That is a Colnago...

...I have Super with the exact same bb cutout as purplethunder's. And mine is absolutely legit. Different cutouts for different time periods I suppose.


In my opinion, this Colnago from mid 70's between 1977-1979. Original color was Green Candy with blue base paint. This kind of BB cutout exactly similar to below link Colnago. (Similar Colnago with mine with complete components)[email protected]/sets/72157627323676133/


we could find other similar Colnago also in Velospace,but they dont show the BB cutout.

I'm not the expert, but you can check the history of colnago


my bike category is "Super"

on Ebay

its also current listing on Ebay


for sale?


Yes! I'm willing to sell it! if the price is right!Thanks!

i dont effing get

i dont effing get it....corima rear. shamal front. and doesnt even know how to put bars on correctly?

agree with you! with all the

agree with you! with all the respects, this frame needs better stuff
(I will never be a big fan of the "mix&match old stuff-new stuff"), for example: it needs bar tape (FFS!) and the bars to a decent angle. And maybe a hood on the brake lever?
...and a 52x18t fixed withoud cages/powerstraps/clipless pedals O_o how do you stop?

I just want to make it

I just want to make it simple and as light as possible. Thats true I still need alot of stuffs to finish. But im worried about my time is limited for work and school. So I leave it is as an open end. Either Im going to sell it or looking for someone who sells front corima. So, it become my childhood dream bike. Anyone sell front corima?


yep..yep..yep...just playing around with different stuff!

how much for the corima

how much for the corima

500 bucks if you're in LA!

500 bucks if you're in LA! Pick up only!Thanks

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