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Cinelli Super Pista

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Cinelli Super Pista/ 54/ 2010

nitto adbx/cinelli nos

Cinelli track fork/ Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo low flange/ Ambrosio tubular/Victoria

Campagnolo low flange/ Ambrosio tubular/ Victoria

Campagnolo Record pista/ Campagnolo Pista

Cinelli prologo/ Miche

MKS Nuevo wide/ D.I.D


Perfect Track bike in Every Way to Me. But im looking to get on a Histogram mash frame set i may be willing to sell this just contact me if interested in frame set trades wheels or complete bike thanks this bike has a total of 20 miles on her tops just for fitment.

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Cinelli Super Pista >

Cinelli Super Pista > Cinelli Mash

ok ok

in my defense on the seat post it was a odd call for trying to get a hold of a record sea post for a decent price that wasn't scratched all to hell but that's the only reason it is ugly but it was available and did i mention a hell of a price and still kept with the Italian theme but ive givin it thought. If i were to put road bars on this what would be some good suggestions?

Hey, just a tip concerning

Hey, just a tip concerning seatposts. If you find one that you like, not too expensive and that fits the diameter of your seat tube, give it a good look. Scratches are easily removed on aluminium as long as they are not deep. Use chrome polish compound and an old rag. If you're broke, instead of chrome polish, you can use toothpaste. Best way to return a seatpost to "mint" condition. Yeah, I'm funny, I know...

Now, don't you dare sell that bike for a crappier one! And ride it, please!

I don't understand:

This bike is perfect for you, in every way, but you want to get rid of it, after only riding twenty miles?

So you're thinking of

So you're thinking of swapping a very nice bottle of vintage Chianti wine for a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Geez...


+1 that ;)

i was just about to comment....

...about how nice it was to see a cinelli build that WASN'T a MASH! keep this frame! it will last you a lifetime, id take a timeless piece of ITALIAN craftsmanship over a mass-produced MADE IN CHINA frame any day.

let him have it..

he put a miche seatpost on this... JK, sick ride!

I thought i was alone in

I thought i was alone in despising that seatpost. It's hideous.

damn it any ideas on a

damn it any ideas on a diffrent post Nitto?

The seatpost is fine, I'm

The seatpost is fine, I'm just not a fan. Your bike is beautiful.
What I would change though would be the saddle. Something vintage, more in keeping with the rest of the bike's overall aesthetic, like a turbo or a rolls. It will also hide the the clamping area on the seatpost giving it a cleaner look. I'd also change the stem to a silver while your at it.


the seatpost is fine; I have a miche wheelset on my bike. i'd just wait it out and find a good deal on a record piece.

cinelli to cinelli

lets trade

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