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3Rensho Super Record Export Track

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3 Rensho Super Record Export Track (53cm) made by Makino-san direct from Makino-san from the old San Rensho (now Makino) shop

Nitto B125AA 40cm

3 Rensho fork, Tange Levin NJS stamped headset

High Flange Shimano Dura Ace 32H laced to Mavic CXP-12

High Flange Shimano Dura Ace 32H single-fixed, laced to Mavic CXP-12

Sugino 75, 165mm to Hatta Swan NJS BB

Selle San Marco Regal, Nitto Jaguar NJS

Crank Brothers Candy S Eggbeaters, KMC KOOL chain

18T EAI steel cog, 48x18

I love this bike -- the perfect mix of street and track. She whips around beautifully -- not too twitchy and sturdy.

Complete photos here.

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but why clipless i cant even begin to imagine.?


perfect this guy has beautiful bikes

I just hope

That you are using this beauty on a track and not abusing it on th e street. Its far too good for that torture.



For Sale?

When are you going to sell this thing already....ugh! It kills me to look at it...I am ready to buy it now :)

love it

love the regal saddle, very slick

Sasha - thanks for more

Sasha - thanks for more info! Always appreciated. My friend Yohei in Japan obtained this frame from Makino-san himself. He visits Makino every so often.

Makino-san and Yohei.


Just so you know, it appears to be model 'TR' and I agree with you about the Makino history. It's got the plug-in seatstay caps and dropouts that are indicative of the time that he was building. Gorgeous bike.


Gorgeous. I have the same headset.

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