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2011 Leader Kagero

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Leader X Pedal Consumption Kagero/ 55cm/ 2011

Cinelli Mash/ Cinelli VAi

Leader x Pedal Consumtion Kagero Fork/ FSA Threadless

Velocity b43/ Origin/ Gatorskin

AlexRim/ Specialized Globe Roll/ Gatorskin

Sugino Messenger/ Sugino Messenger

Origin Pro-Uno Saddle/ IRD Aluminum




48t Sugino Chainring/ 14t Resist Cog & Lock ring


2011 Leader & Pedal Consumption Kagero. Lo Pro Style Frame, Aggressive Pursuit style MASHER!!!!

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You should You check out my

You should You check out my Kagero! Your build is sick btw.

i think you should throw the

i think you should throw the leader name completely out of the collab. i'll take this one over a cinelli mash anyday. the mash may be nice and all but it's still a mass produced (though numbers are limited) frame from china. don't know much about this frame but i'll assume there was more love in its making.

still...i think pursuit geometry looks best with steel

I don't know too.

i don't know too much about what measures leader x pedal consumption took to produce the frame, under what quality control standards but i can tell you this. the bike is strong as shit. My buddy just got hit on mine. the front fork and wheel were completely under the persons front tire and the frame was fine, the fork just started to seperate where the carbon/alum bonds @ the crown. and i've still been riding on it for the past week. I have a new found love for leader and the utmost respect for Pedal Consumption for choosing such a company to represent their design. RIGHT ON.

steel, alum or carbon... this frame rocks.

I think the only other frame out there I would consider buying is that Dodici Special :)

hipster mistake

sounds like this could have been preventable with the addition of a front brake, but theres not enough streetcred in that...

MASH knock off for the same

MASH knock off for the same price? This would be good if it was for the most 500... The guys selling it on CL for 720

I don't understand what the fuss.

I don't understand what the fuss is about. MASH KNOCK OFF? What if someone wanted a low Pro frame, does that mean they HAVE to buy a Cinelli Mash? No, there is Affinity, LOW Frames S.F and some other vintaged frames to chose from. I think leader did a great job teaming up with Pedal Consumption to put together something that the industry needed... MORE OPTIONS. so quit the bickering about "copy cat this copy cat that" and learn to appreciate that they have brought us.

Don't get me wrong, I like the old Mash, Histogram and Bolt frames but I don't want the cheasy histogram graphics, played out Mash style and plain bolt colors. This Leader kagero offered exactly what i wanted without having to buy yet ANOTHER CINELLI FRAME!

I'm just saying that if its

I'm just saying that if its a knock off from the MASH in the sense that Leader made this frame was made because of the popularity of the MASH. I think if leader sold this for a little less it would sell more than the MASHES. Seems like Leaders nicest frame nonetheless. BTW I saw this on SF craigslist you live in Watsonville I live in Salinas not too far awatyhaha

The style of frame was a

The style of frame was a decision by me, not Leader. If you know me, I love Lo-Pro bikes and aluminum tubing. I was riding steel Lo-Pro's way before the MASH frameset came out. It just made sense that I would design a Lo-Pro and make it out of Aluminum =)

Thanks for the design man.

Thanks for the design man. I absolutely LOVE mine.

usually leader frames are

usually leader frames are affordable compared to cinelli frames and that could have been the appeal to this in my eyes

We used higher-end name

We used higher-end name branding tubing and much more extra TLC in constructing this frameset. So unfortunately... the price goes up.


frame is beautiful


even though it is a blatant mash ripoff, oh well, at least they copied a nice frame..

Though both framesets are

Though both framesets are Lo-Pro's, but the Kagero has rounded tubing unlike the MASH which clearly has aero-styled tubing. Our inspiration was based on the KHS Aero Track, C'Dale Track and Pista Concept =)

Altough it is a leader...

Although it is a leader, I think it looks better than a mash. Probably tons cheaper too.

Edit: ouch, its 800


best looking leader frameset ever!


Wow can they come any closer to looking like a MASH! the head badge logo is so damn similar there is even an L.B that probably stands for Low Baller!and there seems to be alot of toe overlap? nice frame

last time I checked.

Last time I checked, most of the bike companies are using "CREST" on the head badge now!

agree...LOOKS nice but is it

agree...LOOKS nice but is it 7000 series or 6000 series aluminum? looks like leader decided to file down their hideous welds.

7000 series T6 =)

7000 series T6 =)

7000 series T6

Are you sure this is a Leader?

This frame looks nice. And doesnt have fucked up geometry. Prototype? Looks good :D

more info...

Thanks. you can peep more info here

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