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Cilo Sport 600

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Cilo Sport 600/ Tange Championship #1 tubing / 56cm / mid to late '80's?

Sakae Ringyo / Sakae Ringyo

Cilo / Shimano 600

Shimano 105 32H / Mavic Open Pro / Continental SuperSport Ultra

Shimano 105 32H / Mavic Open Pro / Continental SuperSport Ultra

Shimano 105 / Tange

Vetta / Strong / Sugino Binder Bolt

Time Atac XS / SRAM PC-890

Campagnolo Record 8 speed / Campagnolo Athena rear / Shimano 105 front

Shimano 105

Shimano 7 speed Cassette 13-23/ Shimano SG 42/53 / Deda Tape / Jagwire Housings / Campagnolo Cables

About 90% of my riding is on the mountain bike, so this was my first attempt at doing a complete road bike build up. I already had components from a '91 Trek 1400, but the Cilo frame I acquired was in such good condition, I decided to modernize some of the parts to make it more rider friendly. I immediately ditched the original Matrix rims with the horrible weld seams in favor of a new set of Open Pro's. Next, I wanted to replace the downtube shifters with STI's. Thanks to all the great info I got from various forums, I decided to go with Campy 8 speed since they use the same 5mm sprocket pitch as my Shimano 7 speed cassette and paired them with a Campy rear derailleur. I also switched to the Time pedals. I usually run platforms on the mountain bikes but go clipless in the winter, so now I can use the same shoes and cleats for both bikes.

I learned a lot putting everything together and surprised at how well it rides and handles. It's my first steel bike and a huge improvement over the old 6061 aluminum Trek. The shifting is spot on and worked flawlessly from the get go. Definitely glad I went with Campy. I'll probably slowly upgrade the rest of the parts to do a full Campy group. Looks like I'll be spending a lot more time on the road now.

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steel vs. aluminum

I used to ride a bonded aluminum Trek 1500 until it was stolen, and now I ride a nice Schwinn Circuit steel race bike. I didn't notice all that much difference between the way the frames rode; I actually preferred the aluminum. How do this Cilo and your old Trek compare in your experience?
That's a hot bike by the way. Great pictures.

Thanks. The ride is much

Thanks. The ride is much more forgiving. I mostly ride city streets and I could feel every little bump in the road on the Trek. The steel frame and fork seem to help absorb some of the harshness of the road and minimize vibration. I feel I can ride longer on the steel frame without feeling like I was operating a jackhammer. Of course you do sacrifice some out of the saddle stiffness.

Such nice colors!

Such nice colors!

Thanks. That metallic

Thanks. That metallic midnight blue and red combo really popped out when I first saw it. I was afraid the white housings and tape would make it look like a 2-wheeled American flag, but I don't think it's too over-the-top. I love that paint on your Tommasini Super Prestige.

added to the Cilo bicycles

added to the Cilo bicycles cluster

It's always so funny to see

It's always so funny to see Cilo bike ridden on the other side of the planet! The factory was next door to my home, in Switzerland, when I was a kid. Those were great bikes! Congrats for the build!

I was unfamiliar with Cilo

I was unfamiliar with Cilo before this build (which also attracted me to it), but after some research, discovered they made some very nice bikes and had some racing success. I've been trying to nail down the exact year of this frame. You wouldn't happen to have any idea would you? I friend of mine grew up in Zurich so he also appreciated the Cilo. I love the outlined lugs on your Cilo. Very subtle but classy.


Very pretty frame and components. Love those lugs, the color contrast really makes them stand out!

Thanks. Only been riding it

Thanks. Only been riding it for a week, but I get a lot of compliments from both riders and non-riders. The non-riders are surprised when I tell them it's not brand new.

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