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1974 Raleigh Super Course Fixie (Carlton Factory)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | vintage raleigh retro fixie njs velo orange lugged de-anodizing de-anodized
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Raleigh Super Course Reynolds 531 strait gauge / 58cm /1975

Nitto B123 / GB Stem

Raleigh Super Course / Stock

Normady / Rigida Club 700c tubulars / Clement Futura tubulars

Velo Orange Track Hub/ Rigida Club 700c tubulars / Clement Futura tubulars

Strlonglight 93 de-anodized and polished with mothers / Took it off a crashed Peugeot - RIP

Stock Chrome plated seatpost


Dia Comple Center pulls

16t / 52t 3/32" drive train

Update: Finished lacing up & Glueing my rims. Front Normandy laced to Rigida Club rear Velo Track Hub to Rigida Club. 718c in Brooklyn did the tensioning and truing. The bike is very very light. Never expected it to weigh less than my XB3 Rekord. Don't regret making it fixed one bit.

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Nice !!!

I had one of these brand new in 1973 same color, wish I had it now, I just finished my first fixed gear a 1976 Raleigh Grand Prix, not as nice as this one, but still a Raleigh

please don't convert

please don't convert this.

and if you do— do not paint this.

Sorry the conversion is almost done!

In my defense...

The bike has been plundered (not by me) for the following original parts.
Brooks Saddle
Bar-End shifters
Suntour Derailure
Break Hoods

I was heart broken to see it missing so my vital parts and decided to rescue it from this guy before put deep Vs or he spray painted it pink or some sh!t. I promise to you guys to keep the handlebars, breaks, non-original derailure, in a box somewhere so if I sell it it can be converted back.

I want this bike to reminiscent of the bike in this url.

I know it's swagger jacking but I am just paying homage to the original. You guys are welcome to give your input but, this bike is being fixed regardless. Also right now someone has a NOS Super Course for sale on EBay for 800. Damn thing is still in the box. great find...

I don't know, man. I'd ride

I don't know, man. I'd ride it as is and gradually put on the original spec components.

Just don't touch the paint or the bosses


No worries man. All the changes will be non-destructive.

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