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Giant Warp

Bike tags: Mountain bike
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2000 (?) Giant Warp DS-1, aluminum main frame and rear triangle,

stock, bars cut down a small bit

stock headset, RST Megaan air shock

Trek Matrix? rim, Hutchinson

Trek matrix rim?, Hutchinson tire

3 speed, 170mm, four bolt, splined Shimano bb

no name seatpost, wierd seat

junk pedals, reused chain

Deore and junk thumb shifter; stock front derailer, entry level shi*mano rear (soon to be replaced)

v brakes

3 in the front, 7 in the back,

front and rear

Got this at a flea market for thirty -- get that -- thirty bucks. It has been worth it, (or will be if i get to ride it ofroad! since then I have, it's cool but hardly lite!) This isn't a heavy duty dual suspension, from what I've read, and if you go freeriding over 5 foot drops it'd probably break something, but it's supposed to be a dual suspension xc bike, of the recreational level. Entry level dual, basically. Fine, I couldn't'va afford any other kind anyway, and most of those are a grand. So much for entry level. I like 30 ucks better. For now it is just a cool fun machine. The fork kinda sucks, probably old and needs work, isn't so stiff, but the rear shock can be adjusted to be nice and stiff and it rides okay so far. Also has a more or less lockout feature.
I upgraded the long travel yellow Judy XC that was stock for a shorter travel but slightly heavier Judy C (red) that I installed some aftermarket heavier springs in. Then, i stuck in an old RST Megaan air fork. This thing had more travel, but it's also lighter and has a lockout of sorts -- altho i couldn't get the rusty remote lever to work on my bars.

Only other upgrade was a less worn seat and switching to v brakes -- and new cranks and bb. Not great cranks (they were stock on antoher bike when i upgraded that) but hey they were there. Oh and now it has v brakes and a thumb shifter for the rear gears (I broke the stock shifter)and lock-on Clark grips... And a white Origin8 low riser bar. I went to v brakes because i needed the discs for my Airborne when i converted that to ss... anyhow, it has old wheels off a trek too, 7 speed, with Hutchinson knobbies.

Can't wait to take it to Lewis-Morris where i've been riding the ss lately. Too bad the Union Couny Nazis won't let us ride in Watchung "legally".... it's only four miles from ym door. Lewis Morris is most of an horu away...

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