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Bridgestone njs

Nitto/Nitto njs

Bridgestone/Hatta Swan Super Deluxe njs

Phil Wood/Velocity/SOMA Everwear

Phil Wood/Veloctiy/SOMA Everwear

Sugino 75/Sugino 75 165mm njs

Vetta/Nitto Jaguar njs

MKS Royal Nuevo njs/MKS Cages njs/White Z-Chain/Toshi Double Straps

eai 16t&18t cogs/specialites 48t chainring

people in my city don't recognize me, they recognize my bike. i am playing second-fiddle to a pile of steel. beautiful, wonderful, oh-so-fun-to-ride steel...

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hmm.... you can ride my

hmm.... you can ride my basket bike and i'll ride the pink bike alongside you so at least you'll still look totally fab.

It needs

a flamingo handlebar ornament

pink is the new black

love the colors, your bike is hot. hot pink that is.

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