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Spectrum Ti Custom Track

Bike tags: Track bike | spectrum custom titanium track reynolds omnium sram thomson flite
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Spectrum Ti / 57.5

Deda Pista / Thomson X2

Wound Up / KING

Reynolds SDV66 / Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX

Reynolds SDV66 / Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX

SRAM Omnium

Flite / Thomson Masterpiece

Look / Izumi

EAI / 44rn 47#144 Chainring (#1 of 30)

mmmmmm, yea, shit's fast, makes me giggle.

ive had this bad boy for awhile, purchased in providence from terribleone. just got around to posting it up here.

Check out more on the chainring here:

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This is so nice love.

This is so nice love. Reynolds wheels


Hola!.I can not believe simply, extraordinary lady wheeled dream rides guess, wow, just ride and the wind in my face and cycle, "Sweet Dreams on the Road" from Mexico City City.


Next time ur boy dose a run; could u let me know. I would like one. Thanks,

decals/ paint

are so sick.. tits build to boot! interesting.. the frame design makes it look much smaller than it really is.

Awesome Build

The custom frame made by Spectrum matched with those components make for a very serious piece of equipment.

I love this!! You built this

I love this!! You built this up really well!

Really stunning man! I was

Really stunning man! I was worried that you maybe did not have this frame anymore, being that you had not posted it on Velospace! I can see you we're just taking your time with cooking up a beautiful build!

It looks track-ready as well, so hopefully you can jump out on the velodrome next season and really put this beauty to good use!

What do you think of the wheel stickers? I'm just curious to how it would look with the stickers removed. Visually, the reynolds logos overpower the frame abit, which is what should stand out the most in the build.

So glad you're still loving this bike and turned it into something beautiful!

(formally Terrible_one49)

you have had this for a

you have had this for a while. I remember seeing this back on bikeforums a couple years back. Unless it was terrible one who was posting the pics at that time.

im the 3rd owner, so far as I know...

had it for just under a year.


theres no questioning that your bike is fucking boss, but why would you downgrade your chainring from 7000 series aluminum to 6000 series?...I'm puzzled.

haha well...

my friend aaron made those chainrings and I took these photos as promotional material for him. that said, the chainring features a completely overhauled tooth profile that runs damn-near silent and smooth as butter. just trying to support a friend/locally made product!

tell him...

to make some out of 7000 series and up the price point alittle. It looks like he has a great design. Why not take it the next step and use a high quality material?


i think he really just wanted to do something for the hell of it, as a project, and maybe to test the market. he funded the entire production run out of his own pocket and ended up selling all 50 rings he made, so I think its safe to say there will be another run (with another design/tooth count) sometime soon. ill suggest 7000 series, although im sure the idea has already crossed his mind. thanks for the 2c, really, he is looking for all the feedback he can get at this stage.

Cool cool

I'll keep checking in on his product. Maybe I'll even buy one from his next run. Did it cure the chainline problems with your omnium crankset?

nope! haha

some bb spacers did though! its just an issue of chainstay clearance with the crank arms, stays are too beefy!

"theres no questioning that

"theres no questioning that your bike is fucking boss" made me lol so hard because it's so true.



You already know this but

good lord that is beautiful. Nice pictures as always, too.

Jesus christ I almost got my

Jesus christ I almost got my hands on this, but ryan sold it to you before I could make up my mind. aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It is so damn beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!


yep, i hopped on the train down to provi lickity-split! frames like this don't come up for sale very lucky to have it.

Really amazing though. I

Really amazing though. I know people here say this a lot, but I do think this is the nicest track specific bike on here. You really made this frame look amazing with the components you chose. Take good care of it! Spectrum charges 3500 and up for these frames!!!


glad you like the build!


wow is all i can come up with........WOW

Pure class my friend. What's

Pure class my friend. What's the weight?

good question

last i weighed it it was around 17lbs...with mavic ellipses. id say its probably dipped below the 17lb mark as pictured. thanks for the comment!

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