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Parkpre Hammer

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Parkpre Hammer / 60 cm / early 90s

Tire, tube from dumpster

Wheel, tire from friend's junk pile. Tube from dumpster.

SR Suntour off scrapped Giant Rincon from friend's junk pile

SR Sakae / SE Racing (came with bike but not stock)

Came with cranks, orig. Shimano clip-in / platform / YBN from swap meet

SRAM MRX Comp from dumpster / Shimano Deore LX

Shimano Deore LX / Tektro from my scrap bin



Bought at a swap meet for . I was going to fix it up and sell it to a guy whose friend had contacted me in his behalf. The deal never came through, and I've found that it actually fits me. I took it on a ride in the Loma Linda hills, and I think I'll just keep it for myself.

This thing had taken a beating. The cranks were actually bent! The derailleur hanger was as well. The bottom bracket was ok. The stock 7-speed trigger shifters had frozen up. Old Shimano stuff usually gums up. I tried to repair them, but ended up throwing them away. It's not worth it. I had to replace all the cables and housing, a major undertaking. The tubes needed to be replaced. Since the only shifters I had were 8-speed, I couldn't use the old 7-speed cassette hub rear wheel. I found an 8-speed freewheel hub rear wheel in my friend's junk pile and threw it on. I had to get replacement brake levers from my junk pile since the old shifters and levers were integrated. Needless to say, it needed a new chain, which I bought for 7 or 8 bucks at the swap meet. The saddle is not stock, but it came with the bike.

The only stock parts are the derailleurs, bars, stem, seatpost, and front wheel. The dropouts are brazed into lugs. I'll upload a picture in about two weeks. The seat tube is lugged. The rest of the frame is nicely welded. The seat tube is also squashed near the bottom bracket, which you can kind of see in the last picture. It was supposed to provide more rigidity, according to the catalog. I'll upload a picture of this too when I can.

I finally took it out to the hills when it was done. It rides pretty nicely and the gears shift smoothly. The frame seems true, even after all the beating it took. It's way bigger than I they recommend, but I can fit on it safely and it's reasonably comfortable.

People who friended this bike jburnha, campystamp

Yeah, keep it

Looks like a nice frame. Butted Tange sounds good. That's cool it's lugged and has fillet brazed tubes up front. Unique paint job too.

I never noticed before, but

I never noticed before, but you're right; that definitely looks fillet-brazed. There are no welds anywhere on the frame. They don't build frames with this level of care anymore. It's almost indestructible; it's been through enough to bend the cranks and the frame is still straight.

I can dig it

It has got some real funk going on but I kind of really like it. Interesting frame-integration to run the rear brake cable. Is it wicked heavy? Thanks for sharin'

Thanks! It's kind of a

Thanks! It's kind of a frankenbike that I just put together to get up and running, but at least that makes it unique. It actually wasn't heavy at all for a mountain bike the way it came, although the new cranks and probably the rear wheel weigh it down a bit.

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