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Bianchi Columbus EL-OS with Campagnolo C-Record

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57 cm

3ttt Forma Bars / 3ttt Pentographed stem

Campagnolo Record Headset

Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 / C-Record Hub / Michelin Kromion

Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 / C-Record Hub 8 Speed / Michelin Kromion

C-Record Crankset

Bianchi Celeste Saddle / C-Record Seat Post

MKS / Campagnolo Chain

Campagnolo Ergo Shifters / C-Record Derailleurs

C-Record Delta Brakes

8 Speed Setup

Meet one of my baby's "Bernadette" the Bianchi....

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So nice to meet you Bernadette!

portfolio360cycles So nice to meet you Bernadette! A beauty!

Very nice

That's a hell of a bike man! The tubing is one of the best there ever was, and the lugs add someting special, something that welded bikes are just missing. The Campa group makes it all come together - absolute classic. The blue mica is pretty cool, and the chrome makes you want to polish it every night before you go to bed. I was lucky to pick up the same frame(I think), just a little while ago. The damn thing is very light (for chunk of iron), with the fork and head set I weight it, on my wife's cooking scale, at 2655g!! Since I am partial to Dura Ace, had Sachs on my old Cannondale (Campa shifters) & drove me crazy, I'll go away from the ultra mega vintage look, and give it a little modern contrast. This thing is about 95-96??? Any problem with weight limmit?? I sure the hell will have to drop a few pounds :-)

I was told from a bianchi

I was told from a bianchi specialist (BianchiGirl) that this was a 96 frame.

I love it cause it still has lugs and the condition i got it in was phenominal. It's definitely one of my favorite bikes ever and probably will never be sold.

At night i don't just polish the chrome, i read bedtimes stories to it before i go to bed.


Now thats a Bianchi.


This is probably one of the sexiest Bianchi's I've ever seen. C Record is delicious!!

thanks man! haven't tried

thanks man!

haven't tried eating C-Record parts yet, but if you say it's delicious i may try it soon...


Bars. Gotta have for my nago.


Great looking ride. I just picked up a set of Vittorias with celeste sidewalls. Can't wait to put them on.

Yours is the most complete and not overdone example I've seen. The chrome fork and stays really helps the subdue the celeste. Killer wheels.

thanks man!, i'm debating if

thanks man!, i'm debating if i want to find some vittoria's with celeste walls for it...

Beautiful, looks just like

Beautiful, looks just like mine, except I have Shimano 105 :(


c-record and atlantas really make this thing pop!


not to mention the Deltas.

Wow. Great looking bike. A

Wow. Great looking bike. A friend of mine wayyy back in high school had a Bianchi that color, but it didn't look that good.

I felt the same way about

I felt the same way about this bianchi and the color. After talking to a bianchi expert on another forum (Bianchigirl), she told me that this type of celeste was specifically called "Nuovo Celeste". It's really different from the other celeste's because of it's blue clear coat. It has a blue tinge to it when you look at it from certain angles. It's really cool.

it you want to see bigger pictures go here:***Let%E2%80%99s-check-off-another-Holy-Grail%E2%80%A6-(Picture-Heavy)***


I got a shock from humping my computer:(


worth getting excited about. Really nice.

The reflection in photo 4 of

The reflection in photo 4 of the crank looks like Inspector Clouseau.

Agreed. Beautiful bike!

Agreed. Beautiful bike!


Did you pick this up off a guy in Germany on eBay?


unfortunately it was not from germany, i bought it off a person from the states

you should be saying

you should be saying fortunately, because the dude in germany was asking something like 00 for his, and didnt even have as nice a setup as yours.

This bike is

so perfect!

Thanks alot for the comments

Thanks alot for the comments guys! i love it so much!! it's quick and speedy, and i think i've broken some necks because it's quite the head turner!

wow... thats the best

wow... thats the best looking baby ive ever seen!

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