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Nitto Jag - Nitto B123

Nagasawa - Hatta Swan

Dura Ace - Deep V

Dura Ace - Deep V

Sugino 75 - Sugino 75

Miche supertype - San Marco Rolls

Sugino Zen


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have you got any nagasawa frame for sale

size 54

no dent [email protected]

gear ratio...

what is it?

gotta love it...

Let go of my DeBernardi... so, I'm the new proud owner of this awesome Nagasawa... i've been riding it for the past 2/3 months now... rides like a dream...

okay, so this bike is now

okay, so this bike is now sold. when are you going to bring out the bike you're going to keep? what is it?

In due time...

In due time...

hahaha. alright man. i'm

hahaha. alright man. i'm waiting to see this next build though.

if youre in santa cruz

When you get this finished up come down to Santa Cruz for a ride man, hit me up

Beautiful, very classic look ... i'm excited for mine but it wil

Beautiful, very classic look ... i'm excited for mine but it will probably here by summer of next year. Anyway, your chain is a little bit loose ... Have fun be safe always! jahzorn

HAHAH. i knew you would say something.

Thanks. What did you end up ordering? Actually that chain is fine. There should be a little bit of slack. I learned this from Terry Shaw, of "Shaw's lightweight cycles." He says 95% of people's chains nowadays are way too tight. The chain should just be tight enough so it does not slip off the cog and chainring. This is coming from a world class track cyclist. :)

ahh, so this is why you sold

ahh, so this is why you sold the bridgestone.

my jealousy sets in.

Thanks bro. Actually this

Thanks bro. Actually this one's for sale too. My bike is almost there.

What?! This is for sale

What?! This is for sale also. Dude, what's your next build going to be?

Esta Aqui. Nagasawa for

Esta Aqui.

Nagasawa for sale.


I wish more bikes were white.

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