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Bridgestone Anchor NJS Bike 53.5 cm

Bike tags: Fixed gear | bridgestone anchor | dura ace | Hatta Swan | kashimax five gold | more tags >>
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Bridgestone Anchor NJS / 53.5 x 55.5 c-t-c

Nitto B123 NJS / Nitto Jaguar NJS

Bridgestone Anchor NJS / Hatta Swan NJS

Dura Ace 7600 NJS / Velocity Deep V / Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick

Dura Ace 7600 NJS / Velocity Deep V / Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick (Tied & Soldered)

Sugino 75 NJS / Sugino 75 NJS

Selle San Marco Concor / Nitto Jaguar NJS

Shimano PDR-540 / Izumi Super Toughness NJS

48-15 / Sugino Zen NJS / Shimano Dura Ace NJS Cog & Lockring

My track bike. Amazing!

Izumi Super Toughness is now on there for Benson.

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Loving this build!

Loving this build!


Loving your new build as well. That Bianchi should come out nice!


ATB I love the chrome frame and black wheel set.


Lookin' good!




Looks good!

That red chain needs to go

That red chain needs to go


Red chain is now gone haha

Thing looks great



Hey, Your bikes are pretty legit as well. I wish I could have that many amazing bikes.

At the rate your going,

you are going to pass me up!

okay :(

I got the red chain with the bike. So I just threw it on for pics. I'll change it out just for you though

Just for me

Just for me xoxo

4 bikes...

in six months...I'm jelly lol


About to post up another one right now.


you have a problem dude...a really sweet problem ; )
Keep'em coming. Oh and get some shots of it on the track!!!

For Sure

I'll for sure get shots of this bike at the track. I posted up my daily beater. Nothing special, that's for sure.


just saw it. You should get rid of some of your fixed gears and get a road bike. Your bike collection should be like a stock portfolio...diverse!

Road Bike

Yeah, I had a Trek 5200 USPS edition. I really should have taken pictures of it but I sold it and never got around to it.

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