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1998 Ibis Spanky "Honey Badger"

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Ibis Spanky/52.5/1998

ITM/Ibis Ti

Ibis "Moron"/Shimano 600

Shimano Dura Ace 7400/Campagnolo Omega Strada/Hutchinson Fusion comp

Shimano Dura Ace 7400/Campagnolo Omega Strada/Michelin Pro4 nearing the end of its life

Shimano Dura Ace/Shimano Ultegra

Selle Italia Turbo Special/Campagnolo Chorus Ti


Shimano Dura Ace/Shimano Ultegra

Sram s900/Shimano Ultegra

I had been looking for a unique steel bike/frameset for about a year or two. I thought I had found it, but my de bernardi turned out to be too big. I was on the hunt again. I saw this on craigslist and let it sit for about a week or two because I knew no one would buy it. Before I got it I kept scheming upgrades for it, but the first time I rode it at the guy's house, I just fell in love and am not going to change anything for a while.

Brannigan and I are the only ballers on this site with one of these

Honey badger don't give a shit.

April '12: New wheels. Da7400/campagnolo

Feb '13:DT shifters and levers from the crosscheck to replace the rattly OG ultegras. Campagnolo Ti post to go with the Ti stem along with a turbo special because my butt didn't really agree with the flite. 7700 RD would be awesome!

"handmade by cyclists in Sebastopol
Sonoma County, California

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Love the new set up, Veg.

Love the new set up, Veg. DT-7700 are the schiznaz! Did I give you any ideas?

That and ever since I got

That and ever since I got the bike my dad has been bugging me telling me it needs downtube shifters


Of course, too classy.


sat on it for a week or two cause you knew no one would buy it?!?

WTF?! Who would've sat on this? I would've had five minutes, full asking price in cash and a seeping boner at the front door.

Considering how rare our Spanky's are...

I agree with Mu Empire!! 5mins MAXIMUM.

Like I said, I knew no one

Like I said, I knew no one would buy it in Houston. I didn't want to seem eager.

Why would no one in all of

Why would no one in all of Houston not buy this? I know there's a lot of lazy fat asses there (yourself likely excluded) but I don't understand who wouldn't snatch this up. Overpriced?

Houston as a whole has no

Houston as a whole has no taste for anything bike wise that isn't new. I Can never sell stuff even at a dirt cheap price here. The guy also wanted a grand for it and the pictures he had up weren't that great.

Ah, makes sense then. Well,

Ah, makes sense then. Well, glad to got it to add to your awesome stable and share it with us. Super awesome road bike!

Thanks, she gets ridden more

Thanks, she gets ridden more now that I got rid of those janky ultegra shifters


pictures (with some details) would be nice***

Details I can do, whatcha

that one is an updated one, but more details I can do, whatcha wanna see?

Details of the frame

- I've never seen one in real! Pics of stem/ bar would be nice as well. Maybe there's something you would bring into the focus...? Thanx


Reminds me of all the lurid stares I toss @ the Ibis a client at my work rides in. And the other guy's S-works, and the Shiv, and Tiemeyer...oh sorry rambled off ahaha!

Thank you kid sir

Thank you kid sir

I ain't

no kid, sir. :P

Kind*, someone is a little

Kind*, someone is a little late with the replies

if you ever

If you ever want to sell the frameset, let me know!! It is my size!

never ever

never ever

Hot Stem

Looks real nice and the minimal-flare frame is refreshing. I'd love to see a matching Ti seatpost (if only for looks) but gawd that quill is sexy (what is the discoloration on it?). Also lots of people swear by that generation of Ultegra (STIs included), although you could match the whole groupset to the stem with the "ice grey" versions of Ultegra, hah! Thanks for sharing

Don't know why I never

Don't know why I never replied to this. These shifters are absolutely flawless(besides the faceplate rattling), but would love new 10 speed shifters.

just wondering how many

just wondering how many bikes do you have now?

That's actually a tough

That's actually a tough question. If you define a bike as completely put together, I have 4 including my girlfriends If you consider frames bikes, I have six, and I just sold one to my dad, so it was 7 a week ago.

craigslist, eh?

now that's a total find. enjoy!

I brought it to the shop

I brought it to the shop ride last night and one of the guys who I work with said they've worked on it before.

she's a beaut

she's a beaut

clean and classy

clean and classy



Ibis Moron

tubing... "More on the ends"

that is priceless. Nice bike, I'm jealous

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

I thought it was funny

I thought it was funny

Oh HELLL yeah!!!

Dat's just how we roll. Rare and wonderous whips we got my friend. YEAH! That whip is sweeter than sugar. Wow.

Sweet lemonade. Hey, that

Sweet lemonade.

Hey, that sounds like a good name.

I love sweet lemonade

Do it thats a good name, my bike is called tina dont ask why.

Or honey mustard.

Or honey mustard.

Honey mustard describes the

Honey mustard describes the color better but I am addicted to lemonade, one of my favorite drinks, so whichever you like best.

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