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1991 Bottecchia Professional SL

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Bottecchia Professional SL / 51cm / 1991 or so

3ttt matched setup with stitched leather bar wraps

stock / Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Campagnolo Mirage

Campagnolo Mirage

Campagnolo C-Record 1991

Gipiemme white aero seatpost 26.6mm with a beer can shim

Campagnolo Mirage

Campagnolo Mirage

I built this bike for my wife. Purchased from an excellent Boston-area mechanic, it had been updated somewhat so I took it back to a mostly-matching 8-speed Mirage groupset, with a few upgrades like the crankset.

The leather wraps on the handlebars are laser cut - I have access to a machine so I made a few sets for my bikes.

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Well done! Wonderful build,

Well done! Wonderful build, man. I just finished building up a bottechia just like this for my girlfriend's sister. I love the components you've used.


Hope your girlfriend has one too ;o)

Sweet !!

So nice! Beautiful build. Well Done.

Your wife is a lucky gal.

Crankset and handlebar wrap are nice touches.

where'd you get those grips,

where'd you get those grips, I'm totally snagging a pair for mine.

I made them. If you want a

I made them. If you want a pair and know how to do the stitching, PM me and I'll be happy to make & sell you a set. I can do the logo too if you'd like.

Know your wife

must be thrilled for that one. Or, you could be pulling my trick of figuring out yet another way to get a classic bike in the house, even if not yours. heh... Hey, but you can RIDE your wife's bike at least. Going from a 61cm to a 53cm does not work on this end. Nice job on that beast though it's always hard to find a saddle ye olde wife will find comfortable that is also aesthetically pleasing. Are you trying the "Ray Dobbins turn the bars" shot with all your bikes? Always thought ole Ray was a bit goofy with that one. You pulled it off a bit better.

- kh

Ha, true. But it takes up a

Ha, true. But it takes up a slot on my bike rack, so that's one less beast I'm allowed to have! My knees knock on this one though, too small.

I don't know, I've been shooting bikes for a while and just sort of improvise the shots. I like the contrapposto look of that one you mention.



bravo signore

bravo signore

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