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Tiny BMS Bicycle

Bike tags: Single speed | bicycle | circus | Custom | hand | more tags >>
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BMS custom

BMS custom

BMS custom Fork, Hardware store bearing headset

Kryptonic Scooter Wheels

Kryptonic Scooter Wheels

BMS Cranks, Hardware store bearing Bottom bracket


BMS pedals, Shimano chain

Dicta Freewheel front sprocket, Dura Ace 11t lock ring rear sprocket

I know your jealous, that's ok, you'll get over it.

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can you bar spin?

can you bar spin?


for the nightmares.




dura ace.
i love you.

Alright... You win! Thats

Alright... You win! Thats Awesome!


What do I win? Hopefully a lifetime supply of Ben and Jerry's!

Live Free and Ride Hard!

You just

made my day! That's priceless...

That's what I do.

That's just what I do, it's my job,,,,,, to make peoples days just a little bit freek'n rosier. LOL
Really though, Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
Live Free and Ride Hard!

you should put some drop

you should put some drop bars on that thing . your riding position is all wrong


I think that using the seat would be a terrible mistake! HA HA HA

Live Free and Ride Hard!

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