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Cinelli MASH Histogram

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Cinelli x MASH Histogram ( 60 )

Cinelli x MASH

Cinelli x MASH




SAN MARCO / BONTRAGER (Painted flat black for now until I can get a Thompson)




42/18 (For now)

Work in progress. Need to upgrade to a better chainring/ seat tube / pedals. Got the largest frame available but I'm fairly tall. Wish I could slam the stem but maybe later on. I'll flip my stem then see where it goes. Didn't want to cut the fork until I rode it for a while.

Note: for some reason the pics show other peoples bikes and not mine. There's a working thumbnail but when clicked it shows another bike.... I'm new here.

EDIT: Looks like the photos are fixed now.

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Wow, you're ambitious!
You're going to upgrade the seat tube? Are you really that good at welding or are you going to have like Yellow Jersey or some framebuilder do it for you?





Man, I can understand that

Man, I can understand that you feel uncomfortable shortening that steer tube, but then what's the point buying a lo-pro-ish frame in the first place?
Regarding your chainring-cog combo, you'll get way more control downhill with higher gearing.
Sorry if it's not the case, but considering that you want to "see where it goes" regarding the stem height I imagine that you're quite new to fixed gear riding. Thus I imagine that your pedal stroke is not perfectly fluid yet (Mine is not either!). What I can say tho is that spinning like crazy on downward slopes with a not-so-round pedal stroke is the best way to crash stupidly.

Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments. This is my first fixie and first bike I ever built myself so it was all a learning process. I built it all from the ground up at a local bike collective so it was all just going on my gut and what I could find online.

I did cut the fork slightly and will continue to move down as I feel comfortable with the frame/geometry. I'm a fairly tall guy (6'2'') and the frame is still slightly small but its the largest they had. I can understand when people on 48/52 frames just slam it but Im just too tall and once you cut it you cant go back so Im just going to grind it down until I get the perfect size.

As far as the ratio, I took the cranks off another bike and just got an All city cog. I can't afford another one for now so it's what Im working with at the moment. Im looking to move up to 47/18 or 49/18 for the better ratio/skid patches.

I can't bomb down hills. I have to work down them just as you would going up the hill. Its a pain in the ass but its the only way I can keep control. It's also a pretty good workout haha.

if you're 6'2" this bike is

if you're 6'2" this bike is for sure too big. especially with that stem length with bullhorns. This why it only feels comfortable with your bars so high.

There are a lot of guys your size on here that would attest to their 58 being on the large side.

I didn't know how to size

I didn't know how to size it. On most frames 60 is just about right if not small. I can stand over the frame and still have like 3 inches clearance. I dropped my stem another inch and flipped it. Feels pretty solid. Ill take the hacks to it tomorrow.

I 'd recommend getting a

I 'd recommend getting a shorter stem if you wanna go lower with those bullhorns


what are you 80? I realize this is for the street but take a few spacers out! might as well rig some panniers on it and go touring!

Yeah, I know, Read the

Yeah, I know, Read the notes. This has been addressed already.

42X18 You could........

You could run trials with that gearing. .........
Your legs must look like the road runners escaping from the coyote when your hitting the downhills

I have to go pretty slow

I have to go pretty slow down large hills in order to keep control of the bike. But yeah, it's a pain in the ass.

Fuck mashing, spin to win

42x18 rocks! I have that on my work bike and I go fast on this thing! Learn how to spin its very fun!

cool bike, same thing

cool bike, same thing happened to me with my pics. You just have to name the jpgs a unique/ random name otherwise it will put up random pics that have that name also.

I think the photos are fixed

I think the photos are fixed now. Thanks.

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