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Formula One REDUX

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1988 DiamondBack Formula One. Not really a BMX, or a road bike, but badass and twitchy. 34" wheelbase

Ritchey WCS 150mm riser stem. Titec titanium flat bar, cut down to width of original bar, Oury grips

Original Fork, Shimano 600 headset

Cheap alloy rim 20", with Randor 'Freestyle' disc cover, Odyssey Frequency G K-lyte 1.85" folding tire

Shimano Capreo laced 2x NDS 4x DS to Sun CR-18, with Randor 'Freestyle' disc cover, Odyssey Frequency G P-lyte 1.75" folding tire

Shimano Deore XT 170mm cranks, 600 or Dura-Ace bottom bracket

Control Tech (internal brace) post, Super Turbo saddle (for some reason way more comfy than a Turbo)

Chopped and sharpened SR MTP-110 pedals (brutal), SRAM 9 speed chain

Shimano Deore 9 speed pods, Old School Deore Front, RSX short cage in back

Black Shimano front brake, black Dia-Compe Rear (would have come with a roller rear), Avid levers

Sugino 51t/Vuelta 60t up front, Shimano Capreo 9-10-11-13-15-17-20-23-26 in back

This is still a rough ride

Bike is fast and 2Brutal, formula one bikes were conceived in 1988 as a 'new sport' within BMX, Shimano signed on to develop a 6 speed SIS drivetrain and a roller brake for the rear, and many of these bikes came with huge single biopace chainrings with guards on each side to keep the chain on. A race circuit was set up, and a number of manufacturers signed up to make similar bikes, some of which are:

DiamondBack's 'Formula One'
Hutch's INSANE 'HPV'
Haro's 'Dart' & 'Pursuit'
Schwinn's 'Qualifier'
General's 'Meerkat M-1' & 'Meerkat L-1'

There may be more out there. Here are a few more links about these bikes:

This bike is actually geared out pretty close to my road bike, with my low and high gears around 50" and 125" respectively. The disc covers were from fleabay, and I had to do some serious modification to the rear to get it to fit, as it was meant for a single speed not a 9 speed. The Capreo freehub is genius, but the casettes are oh so expensive, and if I put real miles on this thing I would probably wreck drivetrains quickly. Having 11 inches of saddle to bar drop and still not getting full leg extension makes wearing things out unlikely though. Mostly this bike sees occasional Zoobomb duty, and quick 1 mile or less trips, as it is actually a very fast bike. More weird bikes coming soon.

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F1 machine

If Michael Schumacher had this F1 machine maybe he would be on the podium again.

Have you taken it off any

Have you taken it off any sweet jumps?

not really

It isn't the best position for jumping, just a good position for hurting your back and neck.


fast. Nice components.

What on earth

What the heck is this? More pics and info please. I really want to try it. This is crazy crazy crazy!

fuck yar

fuck yar

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