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Ma New Track Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Cinelli Vigorelli 2011 53 size

Deda Velocita / Thomson X2 100mm

Cinelli Carbon / Columbus

FFWD / Continental Competition

HED Jet 9 / Continental Gatorskin

Sram Omnium

San Marco Concor Super Corsa / Thomson Elite

MKS MT-E / Izumi V

Sram Rival

Sugino Zen 49T

Fucking Fast

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All i know is you better be

All i know is you better be fast with that much $$$ invested in a build! I would be nervous about riding those wheels and crashing. Yikes

Its not the bike that makes

Its not the bike that makes you fast

When you stop . . .

. . . how many clowns climb outa' your bike?

Terrible one49/2011 go!

Terrible one49/2011 go!


waiting for 2011 and benson to rip him apart lol. At least he has a brake though


What is wrong with u geeks on office seats!! Stop hating damn! and why do u have to call upon some one else to HATE!! Pathetic!! Grow Some and get out there give ur fingers a rest! activate ur legs for a change!! anyway most of u kids should be back to school!! leave ur childish comments in ur head PLEASE!!

here we go

put some brakes on your bike and stfu



a black colour-ed frame

a black colour-ed frame would be nice

Don't think a trackbike on

Don't think a trackbike on the street will ever be ''fucking fast''

you will gain more by riding clipless with a cheap 32 spoked aluminum wheelset than the one your running now with toeclips, but hey.

Yeahhh overkill for sure.

Yeahhh overkill for sure. The build just doesn't make any sense.

I would always feel like a

I would always feel like a douche bag riding anywhere near the street with my aero wheels. Kind of like wearing a tt helmet around town. To each his own I guess.


nice to see you here.

your second bike nice set up.

Thanks For Tire :)

Thanks For Tire :)

your front wheel

costs twice as much as your frame. for a street bike.

I'll never understand you kids

If your bike was a celebrity it would be Paris Hilton, Elton John, or the singer from Nickelback


I just ejaculated, but really those wheels on that frame i mean come on.


I hit reply instead of edit my bad.
To mike i was gonna edit my original comment but it wont let me, at least I tired.

Tracker... You don't even

Tracker... You don't even have a track bike, fixed gear, or even a single speed. Stop blowing up every bike and forum with your pointless comments. You and the other 12-15 year olds are ruining this site.

IN fact i do have one its in


Wow. Uncalled for. Nice

Wow. Uncalled for.

Nice tarck bike though.

Hella tarck! Cool but red

Hella tarck!
Cool but red saddle and brown bartape makes it look funny

Ma Concept hhh

Ma Concept hhh

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