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Guerciotti cyclocross

Bike tags: Alan | campagnolo | guerciotti | Cyclocross
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Guerciotti/Alan aluminium cyclocross, anodized dark red over alu.finish

3ttt handlebar,3ttt pantographed Guerciotti stem


brown Unicanitor on Alan pantographed cyclocross seatpost

Campagnolo derailleurs/Shimano bar end shifters

Mafac cross brakes

Got this from an older man then build up as a fast touring bike (straight SR bar, mudguards etc.)rebuilt it to a more original cyclocross spec.Frame is anodized red over silver. apparantly this somewhat special Guerciotti (made by Alan)once used to belong to famous belgian professional rider Roland Liboton, a former several times cyclocross worldchampion (5) and 10(!) times belgian champion.

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glued glory ...

Nice one - I also had one of these Guerciotti-labelled Alan cyclocross bikes - moreover, in exactly the same colours. I got mine from the 1992 (?) Champion Mike Kluge -to be precise, my uncle got it from his father. The bike was labelled 'Kluge IV' and it came with old Ultegra aero levers, Suntour bar-end shifters and Record Campy derailers and cranks. The cantilevers were Modolo, but I am not exactly sure. I used as my first 'real' road bike, and going downhill with it was kind of adventurous :D

To make a long story short: When I returned to my parents place, after I had spent a couple of years abroad, it had shall I only phrase this, together with my part collection 'gone'. Needless to say that their attic still has no proper floor, apart from same old three planks. Luckily, I had stored the wheelset somwhere else - campy SR to bulletproof Ambrosio tubulars. Cf.:

great story! pity you don't

great story! pity you don't have that bike anymore,but then again 1992 is some time ago by now;-)

Thanks also for the link, I can see a pic of Mike Kluge on what appears to be the same frameset from Guerciotti when he was world champion.
The bike doesn't ride particularly well compared to other classics in my stable,at least not on normal roads, its like riding an off road vehicle on the motorway although good road tires do make a difference;-)


Indeed, it was quite shocking when they asked me to give them a helping hand, and we checked out the attic.

As far as the Guerciotti teams are concerned, there seems to have been a CZ-based one, continued by the one based in Germany. When I was in Belgium in 2005 around Christmas, I took the following pics (preparations for the 2005 'Superprestige' race in Diegem),

Check out:


I just love it, "mine is complete now" "it rides better than i ever expected"... ill post some pic soon...jbailie

I want it!!

This bike is absolutely stunning. It really should be a "Featured Bike" on this site.



Are you still looking for Guerciotti , i am having to sell most of the collection, and you showed some interest . [email protected]

feature bike

thanks for the comments, always nice when people like it and think it can be up in the 'feature bike' would be a nice change I guess to add a cyclocross bike instead of a track or fixie bike;-)

Well put. -Burnham-

Well put.

I second

the motion!


Very nice example, the ALAN frame is very special, i have one thats almost completed,it had been road raced and was just a frame and fork when i found it, it has been a long job finding all the correct parts to rebuild it, information is hard to come by. you have done a great job with this one !

my Guercoitti project

While completing the restoration on mine I looked closer to the factory numbers and markings......TOURIST786 is what I found, as it turns out this one was made for road work ! some what rare I was told, mostly built for Cyclocross racers to do training on paved roads

thanks, they are rather nice

thanks, they are rather nice frames,aren't they? good luck with building up yours, look forward to see it here on the site;-)


Not too many of those around. In really good condition.



thanks for your

thanks for your comment,great story! I agree that the frames are a bit soft for hard road use,especially after a good 30 years or so..the aluminium bonding doesn't get any better with age;-)
still its a nice ride if you treat it with respect, I bought it set up as a touring bike with fenders and straight bar and upright stem, took my months to find the old bar-end shifters to rebuilt it to the state it is now;-)
the brakes were most probably Mafacs on your bike?




ATB That makes one beautiful road bike man.I love the frame treatment.Cyclecross bikes make the best road bikes,tougher plus the capability to run wider tires.

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